Food & Beverages

Awarded Best Indian Food in LA Asking $50.00
Los Angeles, CA
Dubbed "Hollywood's Prince of the Palate," Chef Sanjay is an award-winning chef who captivates his clients with his amazing, authentic and creative cuisine—prepared to perfection and served with love. Former sous chef at the Four ...
Posted 1 week ago
Microgreens by Order Asking $3.00
Edmonton, AB
Microgreens, seedlings of herbs and vegetables. Many times the nutrition of the mature plants, never mind the flavour is amazing. Microgreens are between 7 and 20 days old. It's an easy way to add nutrition ...
Posted 1 month ago
Electric Indoor Grill
Electric Indoor Grill Asking $35.00
Fort Worth, TX
Indoor Grill. 21" long; 14.5" wide. Used only once. Love it. No storage for it in new house. Has see-through lid; grill pan with handles; drip tray and temperature probe. Keeps the meat moist and ...
Posted 4 days ago
Meat rotisserie
Meat rotisserie Asking $90.00
Enterprise, AL
Gently used, well cared for meat rotisserie. 1250 Watts. Portable
Posted 1 month ago
Watkins Products
Watkins Products Asking $1,234.00
Port Coquitlam, BC
Watkins Products Pantry Natural Products was created to share an online presence to directly order J.R. Watkins products from the convenience of your home. Phone or text for our catalogue web address **Available in both ...
Posted 1 month ago
Luminarc Fine Crystal
Luminarc Fine Crystal Asking $10.00
Montrose, CO
4-5 oz. crystal wine glasses.price is for the set.Merry Christmas! Thank you.
Posted 1 week ago
Coca-cola/Coke glasses
Coca-cola/Coke glasses Asking $5.00
Montrose, CO
4-16 oz. Coca-cola/Coke glasses they have been used about 20 years ago,and have been packed since then.Still like new no scratches. So have a coke and just smile! Price is for the set. Thank you.
Posted 1 week ago
Classic Beer Mugs
Classic Beer Mugs Asking $8.00
Montrose, CO
8-12 style beer mugs,they may be as old as we are but put them in the freezer and they will chill a beverage as if they were brand new.Price is for the set. Thank ...
Posted 1 week ago
Tipsy Lopsided Shooters
Tipsy Lopsided Shooters Asking $15.00
Montrose, CO
6 shooters,They tilt to the right,but will not tip over! Great gift to the friend who never can tell if they had one too many,or not near enough! Price is for the set or $2.50 ...
Posted 1 week ago
RAW Local Wildflower HONEY ~ 1# jars $11 ~ 1.5# jars $15
We have a few hives at our home near Poor House Farm Park. Light honey tends to have a more delicate flavor while the darker honey is bolder. 1# (16oz) are $11 each. We have ...
Posted 1 month ago
Relax with wine
Relax with wine Asking $99.99
Aiken, SC
Join the USA Monthly Wine Club that delivers wine to your door. Exciting Fine Wine from the NAPA & Sonoma Valley areas of the west coast of The United States of America. Join and get ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Do you like hot sauce? Get some of the world's best, authentic gourmet pepper sauces, sweets & spices fresh from the islands, plus long-lasting, tantalizing air fresheners from Direct import and US made products, ...
Posted 1 month ago
Wine and Dine
Wine and Dine Asking $30.00
Aiken, SC
What foods go with what wine? What food goes with my favorite wine? What wine goes with my favorite food? How much fun can people have cooking and enjoying wine? Come join our Wine of ...
Posted 3 days ago
Larger One - height 7¾” w/lid on, diameter 4” Smaller One - height 6½” w/lid on, diameter 3¼” Both have some crazing on lids (shown in additional pic) but canisters are in great condition
Posted 6 days ago
Samsonite Diamond Series 14oz Travel Mug
Samsonite Diamond Series 14oz Travel Mug Asking $15.00
Martinsburg, WV
Samsonite Diamond Series 14oz Travel Mug Blue with a touch of green to it. $20 retail.
Posted 1 month ago
Otagiri Advantage Collection 10 oz Golf Christmas Cup
*GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT for the Golfer you know* New/Never Used Height 3 ¾” - Diameter 3” - Weight 12.85 oz Sorry-unless getting one of my additional items to go with this, this will have to ...
Posted 6 days ago
Johnson Bros. “Snow White Regency” Ironstone-8 Saucers
**NEW PRICE $12** Do you need to replace or add to your Johnson Bros. Snow White Regency Ironstone F3 Set? Pattern-F3 Snow White Regency-Made in England 5¾” diameter, Scalloped rim with swirled form Great Condition-no ...
Posted 6 days ago
NEW Mini Angel Food Cake Pan ~ makes 4
NEW Mini Angel Food Cake Pan ~ makes 4 Asking $10.00
Martinsburg, WV
Mini Angel Food Cake Pan ~ makes 4 ~ New in Box box is a bit beat up but pan is fine
Posted 2 weeks ago
**NEW PRICE $7 FOR ALL 8**Assorted Souvenir Glassware
$25 FOR ALL 8 - Not sold separately Excellent condition Lot consists of: 4 - 11oz NCL Norwegian Cruise Line Stemmed Wine Glass 1 - 14oz Premier Cruise Line/Oceanic Cruise Ship Hurricane 1 - 14oz ...
Posted 6 days ago
*NEW PRICE $8 FOR ALL 10 or $2 each*Assorted Souvenir Glassware
**$30 FOR ALL 10** or $6 each Excellent condition Lot consists of: 2 - **SOLD**14oz Miller Lite TN Titans Pilsner**SOLD** 2 - 14oz Red Lobster Lighthouse 4 - 16oz Carnival Cruise Ship Brandy Snifter/Cocktail 2 ...
Posted 6 days ago