Frequently asked questions

  • Login using your user name and password. If you're not a member, click on the Create a free account link and follow our simple registration process. Once you've completed your registration, you can come back and resume the steps below.
  • Click Post ad under the Account navigation bar. Then follow the instructions to fill in the details of your listing. Make sure to fill in all of the required fields. When you are done, click Save changes to go to the next page.
  • Review your listing for any last minute changes. When you are satisfied, click Post ad to publish your listing on our website.

You can post as many free ads as you like. There is no limit, provided it's not SPAM or a prohibited item or service as listed in our user agreement.

  • Click on the My listings page under the Account navigation bar
  • If you're not logged in, you'll be prompted to enter your user name and password before you can continue
  • From the My listings page, locate the listing you wish to disable or delete
  • To disable a listing click on the Disable action link, and to delete a listing click on the Delete action link
Yes, renewals are also free.

Yes, you can edit your listing even after it's been posted.

  • Navigate to the My listings page under the Account navigation bar
  • Locate the listing you wish to edit, then click on the Edit action link
  • Edit your changes until you're satisfied. When you are done, click Save changes.

Our fee schedule is very simple. Listing a classified ad is free and there are no final transaction or membership fees. The only fees we charge are for optional premium services. Our premium services are for 60 days or when the ad expires. You will receive an email notification when it expires and will have the option to renew.

  • Listing fee - FREE
  • Final transaction fee - FREE
  • Membership fee - FREE
  • Image Uploads - FREE
  • Optional bold highlights - $2.00
  • Optional web linking (to direct viewers to your own website) - $4.00
  • Optional feature ad (shown on home and category pages) - $2.00 and up

Yes. We have a premium web linking feature where you can link your listing to an external website; provided, the website is not a pornographic, hate, fraud related, questionable content, or other competing classified or auction websites (as determined by BuySellCommunity).

The My listings page displays the number of times an ad has been viewed.

Listings are available for 7 to 120 days, depending on what you select as the expiration date. Once an ad expires, you'll receive a notification email with the option to renew your listings for free.

Buyers will be able to contact you through the Contact seller form. The Contact seller form is available on each of your listing page - within the seller information section. When a buyer fills in this form and clicks Send message, a copy of the message will be sent to you via email. As we send the buyer's message to you via email, it is important that you keep your email up to date in your Update profile page.

To contact a seller click on the Contact seller button that is available on the seller's listing page - within the seller information section. Fill in the Contact seller form and click Send message. A copy of your message will be forwarded to the seller along with your name and email information. Please only contact the seller if you are interested in buying or bartering for an item. Spam and fraud will not be tolerated.

Just like our basic listing, setting up a community store is absolutely FREE.

Yes. When your store is activated your listings will automatically appear in your store.

We require that you have at least 5 active listings to activate your store. Your listings must be distinct items only, and not services.

Please be descriptive about your store and store policies. Derogatory language in your store title and/or description is prohibited. Derogatory store logo/image is prohibited. Please use correct spelling and grammar, as this is a reflection on you and your store image.

  • Free classified listings
  • Free community store
  • Manage listings and images
  • Track listing performance
  • Access to premium services such as bold highlights and feature ads
  • If you didn't receive your confirmation email, you may request for another to be sent. Emails are sent by our system within minutes of creating an account. Your ISP or email service provider may have inadvertently blocked our email. Please check your spam, junk or bulk directory as our confirmation email may have been inadvertently directed there. You may also want to include us on your safe list by adjusting your filter to prevent this from occurring in the future.
  • If you're having trouble clicking on the confirmation link we sent you, you can copy and paste the link into your browser's address field
  • If your problem is not related to any the above situations, you may contact us for further assistance

If you've forgotten your password you can use our Forgot password page to reset it.

No, we respect your privacy and will never share or sell your information to other users or organizations.

By upgrading to Verified Member status, you promote trust towards potential buyers. Buyers will know that you took the effort to assure them, that "you are, who you say you are!"

For a nominal annual fee of $5, Verified Members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Verified Member logo displayed next to the member's name within ad and store pages
  • Ads listed nationally (across the United States and Canada) through our national listing program
  • $5 "credit" that can be used towards other premium services (feature ad, bolding listing, etc.)

The process is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete. After your payment is received, our system will place an automated call to a telephone number you provide. The call will provide you with a 4-digit confirmation code which you will enter into our website. Once your confirmation code is verified, your upgrade is complete and your membership will be verified.

Please note, your telephone number will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

To help you get started, you must first understand that a good classified listing needs to address the following: Attention, Interest and Action.

  • Attention. You must first get the buyers' attention. Your title will do the trick. Be creative, keep it short and mention the best feature of your item. Your item's best feature could be price, quality or just a hot item most people want.
    It's also important to place a keyword in your title, because most buyers will run keyword searches to find an item.
    In addition, try to use some power words that grab buyers' attention. Here are some power word examples: discover, easy, guarantee, new, proven, results, safety, save, dependable.
  • Interest. Your listing needs to be appealing. Within the description of the listing, mention your item's beneficial value. As you already know your intended buyers (as your item has already been categorized), try to think of a way your item will provide benefit to the buyer. For example, if you are selling a car, tell your potential buyer (soon to be the next driver) how well the car will benefit them in every possible way. You may also want to provide a detail description of all the specifications, weight, and dimensions. Better yet, include a digital image of your item. Your image will speak volumes.
  • Action. Be a little assertive and try to use directive towards the end of your description. For example, "send me a message for more details" or "buy now, while supply last". The goal is to try to provoke an action on the buyer's part.

One last thing, be HONEST. By giving your honest representation of the item being put up for sale, this builds trust between you and the buyer. Honesty, above all else, makes a good listing. Remember, buyers will often return back to you for further purchases when they have that trust.


Title: Need a Dependable Used Car that Drives Well?
2004 Honda Civic - 12,000 miles, automatic transmission, CD, AM/FM radio, power steering, great gas mileage - This car will save you $$ on high gasoline fuel. Send me a message now.

We want to provide you with a positive experience and to help you enhance your business of buying and selling online. One of the key issues and concerns our users have relates to suspicious activities. Below are some of the behaviors you may want to look out for when dealing with other buyers and sellers.

The Seller may:

  • Request for payment overseas, payment to a third party, or to a location different than the one listed on the seller's ad
  • Priced a normally expensive item at a very low price
  • Use an image from an outside source that does not relate to the item being put up for sale
  • Refuse to provide a shipment tracking number
  • Repeatedly give excuses why you have not received your item
  • Request payment through a non-traceable method, such as wire transfer, Western Union, and Money Gram
  • Use very poor English

The Buyer may:

  • Request to provide a partial payment and pay for the rest afterward
  • A buyer may "erroneously" overpay you with a cashier's check and asks you to reimburse the "overpayment", although the check is a fake. Banks will cash these checks, but the checks will fail to clear when being processed at a later time.
  • Similarly, after sending a fake cashier's check/money order, a buyer backs out of a deal and asks you to repay by personal check/Western Union/wire transfer
  • Insists on COD method of payment. Many scammers use fake cashier's check on CODs because carriers such as FedEx do little to confirm the buyer's identity.
  • Use very poor English

Additional useful tips:

  • Try to buy and sell locally to avoid long distance fraud
  • Always obtain the buyer/seller's phone number and attempt to communicate directly before agreeing on a sale
  • Do not give out credit card or bank account information through email. Unless the seller has a secure credit card processing feature on his/her website that you trust, do not give out your credit card information.
  • Be wary when dealing with sellers in foreign countries, as the distance and difference in legal systems make it difficult to resolve conflicts
  • If possible, try paying by credit card. Under federal law, if you are defrauded by purchasing with a credit card, you may dispute the charges.
  • Use a reputable intermediary service such as Escrow ( for a minimal fee will help alleviate cyber fraud. Escrow will hold the buyer's payment till the buyer receives his/her purchased item. Upon receiving his/her item with satisfactory approval, the buyer will subsequently summon Escrow to release the payment to the seller. Hence, this will safeguard both parties from potential fraud.
  • Likewise, use Paypal ( for online purchases. It operates quite similarly to Escrow and is the most popular form of online funds transfer next to credit cards.
  • Beware of pressure to use an escrow service not listed with the Better Business Bureau (fraudulent sellers may sometimes provide a counterfeit or mirror escrow website or even a counterfeit shipping company website).
  • Be wary of listings relating to: "income guarantees", "get-rich-quick" or other unrealistic claims, and some "work at home and make lots of $$$"
  • If your shipment comes with tracking, request a tracking number from the seller
  • If a high-tech item has a serial number, try asking the seller to provide that number

If and when you notice these types of behaviors from buyers and sellers, please exercise proper judgment and common sense, on whether or not you wish to deal with them.

We offer free classified listings. This does not mean that we accept spam or junk listings that are not only unwanted, but are also rarely viewed. Our classified listings have value; hence, they are for serious buyers and sellers. Your listing should genuinely reveal your item or service; this creates trust on your part and it will only assist you in the sale of your product.

We reserve the right to reject listings or even ban a member who does not adhere to our user agreement in order to help safeguard our community of buyers and sellers. Please see "prohibited items/services" and "spam" in our User Agreement.

In addition, listings for, containing, or linking to the following will not be accepted:

  • Explicit adult products or services
  • "Income-Guarantees", "Get-Rich-Quick" schemes, or unrealistic claims
  • Chain marketing
  • Stuffing envelopes, ad typing, or similar ventures
  • Pyramid or binary schemes

These variant forms of SPAM will also be rejected:

  • Posting identical, near duplicate, or otherwise, variant listings for the same item/service
  • Posting a listing for the sole purpose of collecting user information or raising money
  • Posting a listing with inappropriate links, titles, descriptions, or unauthorized use of content to which the person posting does not have rights
  • Posting a listing that contains unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional materials. This may include a listing that instruct the user(s) to contact the person/company posting the listing for more information and then require the user to pay a fee for the information
  • Posting a job listing that requires a monetary investment by the user at any time
  • Posting a listing that requires a user to register before getting detailed information about the product or position
  • Posting a listing through unauthorized robots (crawling software)
  • Soliciting other members to post a listing or sell their product on their behalf at another classified site