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Inversion Table
This has Memory foam vinyl covered backrest for a comfortable head and back. It has tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers that provide stability when inverting. Extra-long safety handles provide easy return to the upright position ...
Posted 2 days ago
Kangen Ukon Tea
The Kangen UKON is enriched with high-quality essential oils, derived from organic Spring Ukon (known as wild turmeric) and carefully distilled at the Enagic Ukon Factory. Our unique and effective specially-preserved Kangen Ukon is a ...
Posted 3 days ago
iWALK 2.0 (Hands free Crutch)
iWALK 2.0 is a hands free crutch for a lower leg injury. Allows you to walk with your hands free. Acts like a peg leg. Barely used, like new condition.
Posted 5 days ago
Massage Therapy Vancouver | Oceana Massage
Oceana Massage is a registered sports massage facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, well praised for its ability to alleviate both physical pain and mental stress. Our Vancouver clinic offers corrective care for clients who want ...
Posted 6 days ago
Transform Your Gut Health with Our Biohacking Formula
Say goodbye to digestive woes! Our specially crafted formula harnesses the natural power of ingredients to support healthy gut bacteria, providing a breakthrough solution for optimal digestive health. In addition to providing 20 billion CFUs ...
Posted 6 days ago
Balance Walking Sticks NEW!
Good for posture, balance, good for seniors. Fully adjustable. Check their web site for more health benefits. Never used; on Amazon now for 66 USD$, my price is 20$, firm. Pick up in Claresholm, cash ...
Posted 18 hours ago
Dr. Luis F. Garcia is an esteemed pioneer in Biomagnetism therapy, with 15 years of expertise in the field. His regular training seminars have successfully equipped over 500 students with the necessary skills. Currently, more ...
Posted 1 week ago
Braces Covered by Insurance | True Medical Supplies
True Medical Supplies offers quality durable medical equipment, including braces covered by insurance and braces for seniors. Improve your mobility and quality of life today.
Posted 1 week ago
Fellowship is a Tool Towards Addiction Recovery
Fellowship is an important part of the Recovery process. Something as simple as an evening bonfire in the the summer can bring about so much connection between people. We must always remember that we drink/drug ...
Posted 1 week ago
Health & Wellness Classes
Moraine Park Health & Wellness Classes Summer and Fall 2023 SUMMER 2023 WEST BEND Campus Melt Your Stress Tues June 6, 2023 5:30pm– 8:30pm West Bend Campus Peaceful Warrior Tues June 13, 2023 5:30pm – ...
Posted 1 week ago
Salon Furniture For Sale
Our Salon is closing. We have 5 hair stations, 3 dryers and 3 washbasin/chairs for sale. Along with a Pedicure chair.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Learn to Live Recovery - Mindfulness Is Important For Recovery
You hear people talk about mindfulness when it comes to self-improvement, that includes wanting a sober life. Mindfulness can come in many different forms. This is why the men in our program are exposed to ...
Posted 3 weeks ago
Health care bathroom assistance products.
I have these items , new in box, from an estate. They are ready for use. 1- Raised plastic toilet seat 5.00 1- Tub grip handle package 15.00. 1- Bedpan , plastic. 5.00 1-Raised toilet ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
Are you Boosting on Energy drinks to make it through your day ?
Then I have something for you: Instant energy without the usual crash you get from your energy drink. This actually feeds your brain and helps you focus and concentrate on whatever you are doing. Even ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
Do you find it hard to concentrate?
I used to walk into a room. And forget why I came in. Forget where I put my keys. Forget what someone has just told me. But no more! This is an incredible product!! Biohacking ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
We found a way to put your body in. Exercise mode when you sleep
Yes, that's right. Your body thinks it's exercising while you sleep. Burning calories. Unwanted fat. Giving you better, more restful sleep. All while burning calories. Through the art of science. One snap just before bed. ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
Did you know That poor sleep patterns cause Weight Gain?!
We always thought it was a magic pill. But no true biohacking science. They have created a gel. They have put your body in exercise mode. While you sleep, it is a better sleep. And ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
Are you trying to lose weight and just not getting there?
I have found an amazing product that has helped with my own weight loss and it also helps me sleep better. I am so sold on this product I cannot say enough! Just take it ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
Women Living Healthy, Women Living Well: Digital Solutions for..
...Living Your Best Life Format: CD; Publisher: NC State University/A&T State University Cooperative Extension; Brand: Applied CD Technologies (ACT). Condition: BRAND NEW. STILL FACTORY SEALED. Same cover design as that shown here. From back of ...
Posted 4 weeks ago
Better gut Health
A Healthy Gut Leads To A Happy Life. If you want to improve your gut health, byōm™️ has covered you with their liquid supplement. It’s a must-have in today’s world with abundant processed foods and ...
Posted 1 month ago