Reptiles & Amphibians

Guppies, waterdogs, red blood parrot fish, snails
getting over stocked so need to sell or trade some fish, we breed and raise fancy guppies and endler guppies, of all sizes shapes and colors. Fry born daily all males in picture are young ...
Posted 2 months ago
30inch combo reptile light holds 24 inch tube + 2 incandescent
fixture says for the screw-in bulbs it takes up to 40-watt 12 volt type T and for the uvb tube light, takes t-12 type, up to 20watt. each socket has it's own plug with on/off ...
Posted 3 weeks ago
bulk cricket keeper
bulk cricket keeper Asking $20.00
Martinsburg, WV
large homemade cricket keeper good for when you order crickets in bulk. we've had up to 5000 crickets in there with no problem. measures 26.5L x 15.25W x 11H includes a lot of eggcrate for ...
Posted 1 month ago