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Phoenix, AZ
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Helping people Get started in the online pace.
Have you ever wanted to learn more about creating revenue in the online pace but didn't know where to begin?
A few years ago, if you would have told me l'd be able to spend my days hanging with my love ones instead of slaving at a hard job, be able to pay my bills without worry....buy my dream car and my dream home...i wouldn't have believed you.
But, before i tell you how i am able to wake up every morning when ever i please, spend my day with my family and work when i want to.. i want to share where i started from, so you can see that you and i are not so different , and creating the life style of your dream is simply just the matter of thinking bigger and making a decision to take action....
I am from Cameroon, and i live in the USA. The job i had wasn't sustaining me and my family, not to even talk of the family i left back home , things were so hard that i had to work 2-3 jobs, to pay bills and all other things. working all days doing shift work ,and spending most of my time away from my family was making me sick.
One faithful day, God sent a young lady to me who is an online entrepreneur who showed me the way into this business. now i am a happy mother and i am now enjoying the fruits of my business, i am so grateful. I am now spending quality time with my family ,and friends, doing the things we love.
If you are tired of working like a slave, building someone else's empire while missing out on life, send me a message. Sencerely REGINTA NGUAFAC.
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