Taffy and the Jungle Hunter~1965~DVD +ArtCase~Manuel Padilla~0SH

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"Taffy and the Jungle Hunter" (1965){DVD-R} MUST READ ALL INFO BEFORE CONTACTING ME AS I WILL REQUIRE EMAIL CONFIRMATION READ ALL IN FULL BEFORE ACCEPTING ANY ORDER. My master copy of this movie that I use to transfer to Dvd-R is from a first hand vhs save from many years ago, from our daughter's (born 1984) childhood. This movie has NEVER been released on video or dvd, and after searching the internet I do not find any other person in the U.S. who saved this title, so extremely rare! Keep in mind though, that although I am very lucky to have a first hand save of this rarity it is still an older vhs save... and it starts out with a skinny white line rolling through title sequence (see picture below) which does clear up, then only regular vhs aging sometimes evident. Look at ALL the pictures I added as they are direct screen captures of my save of this movie. The 1st picture shows the line that rolls through. The second is a line-free screen cap picture of title that I trimmed to use for ArtCase title picture... because to be nicer to save I send dvd-r in a dvd slimcase with simple artsheet insert.

I do not recall where/what type of airing I saved it from. And I do not have the time or patience required to sit still and stare at screen doing nothing but watching entire time it is playing, but I have watched it several times, while typing and working online, and I pushed play on my laptop dvd player and watched on fast-forward all the way through and have never noticed channel watermark or logo appear, nor any evidence of edited out commercials. So my guess is it was saved from an airing on commercial free channel geared to kids that we use to get with our cable package, back in the days before they started adding their mouse ear watermarks/logos to what was showing ;) But because is feasibly possible I could have missed something do not choose if makes a difference.

Due to ease of copying Dvd-R media and the rarity of this tile I will ONLY accept Postal Money Order for payment, and FREE Media Mail shipping will include Signature Confirmation which will require package be signed for. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO CHECKS, NO OTHER TYPE OF MONEY ORDER... and because I have had my "Postal Money Order ONLY" instructions ignored in the past, be forewarned, ANY other type of Money Order sent would be reported as never received, I would tear up & toss as I am not spending time and postage to send back to whomever ignored my instructions... so sender would not only have to report to whatever company it was bought from as lost/never cashed to get their money back, but if want this title would have to send proper payment and wait even longer to receive. If want to send cash that would be at own risk, I am an honest person but have no control over what happens between where sent from to my P.O. box arrival. And this title would not qualify as a freebie under my choose 4 selections, pick out 1 free on me special offer ;)

Before messaging me about this tile also read ALL my info under my store pages, thank you!

"Taffy and the Jungle Hunter" (1965){DVD-R} 1st hand satellite capture vhs transfer of UNreleased on dvd movie on Dvd-R in ArtCase. FREE Media Mail shipping will include cost of Signature Confirmation which will require package be signed for. Postal Money Order ONLY accepted for payment. Price is FIRM, the ONLY discount I offer is $2 off if prefer to order dvd-r as plain/caseless in dvd envelope rather than in dvd slimcase as I usually send.

Synopsis: In this African adventure, a big game hunter's 8-year-old son finds fun and danger with his friends: a chimp and an elephant. The trouble begins when the three adventurers venture too far into the jungle and get lost. Later the boy's governess and others launch an exhaustive search for the lad. Though deathly afraid of lions, the brave nanny overcomes her fear just in time to save the boy from becoming a tasty snack. {amg}

Jacques Bergerac
Manuel Padilla Jr.
Shary Marshall
Hari Rhodes
Robert DoQui