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Anaheim, CA
Member since May 31, 2023
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Work-Life Balance: "Nothing is impossible to a willing mind".

We help busy people create a life they love, to have more time with their family, let us help. Let's do this together!

I created and launched my Digital Business within two weeks. No need for special skills or diplomas to succeed! Every day I witness people from different parts of the world changing lives for the better. The best part is, others are now living their dream lifestyle by merely doing it Full time/Par time! For that I am more inspired, motivated and determined to achieve my dreams.

This is a legal and legitimate business that help me have more time with my children.

Hello, I'm Trishe Dang, I am living with my family in California, USA. I’m a mother of two and I’m a full-time employee as an Accountant. I'm also a Digital Business owner.
Before, I work from 8 AM-7 PM and even on the weekends since the economy is inflation, and the living standards are increasing. I spend too much time at work which is why I don’t have much time for my children. Therefore, it was my desire to spend time with my children that brought me to this digital business.

How did I become an Online Entrepreneur?
In my search for a change in my life I stumbled upon an Ad on my News feed that captured my interest, it's about a young lady Nail tech & home mom making their way to the Online World. To be honest, I was skeptical at first, but my desire to make a change is bigger than my doubts so I checked it anyway. I did my research diligently and found out that they are real person, sincere and their business venture is legit and registered, runs with an automated system with no selling involved. It’s Great! isn’t it? So, I took the leap of faith, joined the business and never looked back. My business was up and running successfully.

As an immigrant I had to face many challenges. And I'm now at a point in my life where I have to think about my golden years.

My biggest “WHY” I decided to become an Online Entrepreneur:
☑️ To have more quality time for myself and my family creating more lovely memories. To do the things I love the most and be present in all special family gatherings.
☑️ To send my children to college without any debt
☑️ To travel the world with ease without worry about finance.
☑️ To save for my golden years. No need to wait until 65 to enjoy the life that I deserve.
☑️ To help my parents & siblings' needs.
☑️ To be able to give more to those who in need help.

When I was starting with this digital business, I don’t have any experience, no teach savvy, not a social media person.
I always working long hours a day, full time and feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

As part of the 170K members and counting, global community of business owners, the benefits that I enjoy:
☑️ Marketing automation to give you the work-life balance that you need.
☑️ Easy to follow video-based training used by people from all industries and all walks of life.
☑️ Digital system runs round the clock even when you're asleep.
☑️ No selling, no demos products and no chasing people to purchase the products.
☑️ Flexible schedule and can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
☑️ Can transfer a legacy to the next generation.
☑️ Mentorship & coaches throughout your journey.

I also love having this amazing community of over 170K entrepreneurs around the world to support me and help me.

My mission and goal are to HELP as many people as possible turn their expertise into a success.

The Life we Create is the Result of the Choices we Make: " I've created an amazing life for myself!" I feel accomplished in so many ways, both professionally and personally. I am living proof that no matter what peoples tells you, you are capable of so much more than you think. We're all born with an extraordinary potential inside of us, but it's up to us to discover that potential, nurture it, and then put it to use!

We are providing a comprehensive 90-minute workshop at NO COST revealing the strategies we use and how we are harnessing the power of the internet to reach our family's goals and dreams. Simply tap on the "Learn More" button to get started and then enter your name and email and we will send you complete information through email to understand how this business works and how you can start.

You've probably seen many advertisements for this type of work, but you might not know where to start or how it works. Give yourself a chance to go inside explore and Who knows, maybe this online business is right for you, it could change your life like it changed my life.
Thank you for listening to my story. I hope to have the chance to collaborate and work together.
Looking forward to communicating with you, Cheers!💕💕