Learn to Live Recovery, Having Fun in Recovery!

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Clayton, MO
Member since November 13, 2014
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🌄 Embrace the Strength of Sober Living, Gentlemen! 💪

Let's celebrate the power and resilience found in the journey of living a sober life with authenticity and strength all while learning how to not only survive a sober lifestyle but to thrive & enjoy life like you never believed possible. 🌿

✨ Why drown in a bottle when you can rise in sobriety?

Say goodbye to the haze of intoxication and welcome a life filled with clarity and unyielding determination. 🚫🥃

🌟 Mastering Life's Journey, One Sober Victory at a Time!

Discover the joy in every purposeful step, surrounded by a community that understands the true strength found in vulnerability and mutual support.

🏋️‍♂️ A Brotherhood of Courage and Healing!

Connect with fellow warriors on the same path. Your comrades on the journey to resilience, laughter, and the camaraderie of shared triumphs. 🤝💙

🌅 Aging with Dignity – Sober and Powerful!

We're rewriting the script on aging, proving that real strength shines brightest in moments of genuine connection and self-discovery. Not to mention a sober life will add years to your life! ✨

👊 Because Life is a Battlefield – Conquer it Clear-Headed and Bold!

Join us in embracing a life of focus, purpose, and unshakeable determination. Here's to living boldly, embracing the now, and radiating strength! 🌟

Check out the pics of some of our recent activities including trivia night, visiting Union Station & giving back to our community on Veteran's Day.

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