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this list is Part 2 of my TELEVISION related list; prices vary per item;

1968 episode of THE DATING GAME w/ contestants like richard dawson



2007 cbs reality tv show KID NATION dvd set complete

the rare and UN-AIRED bob odenkirk 2001 tv show “NEXT!” only two episodes made, lots of guests like david cross and mr. show cast.

random 1979 episode of LOU GRANT with original commercials. epi. “gambling”

1966 complete series T.H.E. CAT dvd set starr. robert loggia

1999 comedy central presents MITCH HEDBERG at the palace dvd grade A. then 1.5hrs!! of downloads of misc tv apps. like letterman, etc. (mitch died in ‘05)

1979 compete series SUPERTRAIN dvd set super train w/ tons of 70s stars and a “lovf boat” type plot

1983 complete m*a*s*h* spin off series AFTER MASH including WALTER pilot dvd set

1957 tv series WHIRLYBIRDS dvd set kenneth tobey craig hill nancy hale whirleybirds

1987 ROLLING STONE presents TWENTY YEARS OF ROCK & ROLL dvd dennis hopper mick jagger george harrison paul mccartney ringo roger daltrey and more 20

1984 OLYMPICS opening and closing ceremonies dvd

1983 mini series MALIBU dvd starring kim novak susan dey george hamilton william atherton james conburn

1998 tv series V.I.P. dvd set pamela anderson molly culver natalie raitano vip

1984/85 complete Season 10 of Saturday Night Live dvd set

2007 complete tv series CAVEMEN dvd set bill english nick kroll geico

1979 series ANGIE dvd set donna pescow robert hayes 17 of 36 episodes

HBO One Night Stand / Comedy Half-Hour : NORM MACDONALD 1991, BILL HICKS, BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT 1995, PATON OSWALT, LAURA KIGHTLINGER 1996, all on the same dvd

1984 series CRAZY LIKE A FOX dvd set 29 episodes and 1987 movie STILL … jack warden

2008 the complete series SONS OF ANARCHY dvd set INCLUDING season 4

1969 jim henson MUPPETS tv special HEY CINDERELLA! dvd 1970
on same dvd;
1986 jim henson special TALE OF THE BUNNY PICNIC dvd
on same dvd;
2003 MUPPET MAGIC FROM THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW dvd muppets on sullivan 1960s

1971 jim henson special; Tales From MuppetLand: THE FROG PRINCE dvd


HBO documentary AMERICA UNDERCOVER: ASYLUM dvd mental health

complete anime series INUYASHA dvd set in english including THE FINAL ACT (subtitled)

2011 pbs special WOODY ALLEN; A DOCUMENTARY dvd a new 2 hour commercial free in depth interview with and doc. about woody allen

1985 nickelodeon tv series TURKEY TELEVISION dvd t.v. i have about 1.5 episodes tim reid

1955 THE HONEYMOONERS dvd set "the classic 39 episodes"

1975 tv series ONE DAY AT A TIME dvd set valerie bertinelli mackenzie phillips

2005 mini series INTO THE WEST dvd set (unedited tv version not the edited dvd release) steven spielberg gil birmingham irene bedard

DANCE FEVER dvd �" 1980 and 1981 christmas specials of the tv show DANCE FEVER hosted by denny terio first aired 1979. the quality is LOW but this is the only footage of this show i know of.

1961 tv series RIPCORD dvd set larry pennell ken curtis shug fisher

2005 complete KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER dvd set stuart townsend i also have the 1970s kolchak series starring darren mcgavin

1967 complete CIMARRON STRIP dvd set stuart whitman percy herbert

1956 complete BROKEN ARROW dvd set john lupton michael ansara

1960 series THE TALL MAN dvd set barry sullivan clu gulager

1960 series WHIPLASH dvd set starring peter graves anthony wickert

1982 tv series MADAME’S PLACE dvd set wayland flowers madam puppet corey feldman

complete anime series BLOOD PLUS dvd set 1-50 english lang. and subtitles

1994 complete series MODELS INC. dvd set linda gray cammeron daddo

1955 tv series BRAVE EAGLE dvd set western keith larsen
also have 1957 movie APACHE WARRIOR starr. k. larsen

1957 tv series 26 MEN dvd set tristram tris coffin twenty-six henderson

1960 complete series MY THREE SONS dvd set fred macmurray

1958 complete series MR. ED dvd set mister allan lane connie hines alan young

1964 complete series PEYTON PLACE dvd set and RETURN TO, MURDER IN, NEXT GENERATION ryan o’neal barbara parkins ed nelson mia farrow david canary

1965 music show WHERE THE ACTION IS dvd set with dick clark

2003 complete series WINDFALL dvd set d.j. cotrona jon foster luke perry

documentary �" The Truth Behind The Sitcom Scandals �" WELCOME BACK, FACT OF LIFE, ROSEANNE

1988 mini series PIECE OF CAKE dvd UK production about world war ll and the RAF

2005 complete UK series SUGAR RUSH dvd set olivia hallinan lenora crichlow

1972 ZOOM PBS kids program dvd Best of the 70’s episode

1988 complete series SUPERCARRIER dvd set matthew walker dale dye marie windsor

1975 complete tv series THE INVISIBLE MAN dvd set david mccallum

1976 complete tv series THE GEMINI MAN dvd set ben murphy

1986 complete series THE NEW GIDGET dvd set (i also have Gidget Grows Up)

1968 series THE SECOND HUNDRED YEARS dvd set starr. monte markham

the (original UK VERSION) uncut unedited seasons 1 and 2 of the UK tv series SKINS not the edited dvd release version, not the u.s. mtv version!

1983 hbo comedy special THE SEX AND VIOLENCE FAMILY HOUR dvd starring a young jim carrey and murray langston and others RARE!

1977 series THE WATER MARGIN dvd set china / japan production english dubbed

complete tv series MISFITS OF SCIENCE dvd set

complete first season of tv series MAD MEN

complete 1983 tv series RENEGADES dvd starr. patrick swayze

complete 1984 series Tales from the Darkside dvd set

91 episodes of the show; CAROL BURNETT and FRIENDS dvd set

THE DANA CARVEY SHOW dvd set. his short lived 1996 talk show, complete.

DANA CARVEY Critic’s Choice 1995 Stand-Up Special

Dana Carvey HOSTING SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1996 with music by Dr. Dre. same disc has
the 15th Annual Young Comedians Show dvd 1992 dana carvey ray romano janeane garofalo judd apatow nick dipaolo andy kindler bill bellamy

30 disc set of FANTASY ISLAND

pilot episode of 2004 series CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE

the 1972 tv movie of the week GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE dvd

short lived comedy ANDY BARKER P.I. dvd (i also have Andy Richter Controls The Universe)

complete 1993 nickelodeon series THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE dvd set w/ season 3

compete 2000-’05 tv series BOSTON PUBLIC dvd set

1989 tv series DOCTOR DOCTOR dvd set starr. matt frewer (max headroom)

1987 tv series WEREWOLF dvd set complete

Fernwood 2NIGHT had a follow up show also starring martin mull and fred willard called AMERICA 2-NIGHT dvd set. this was basically season two of fernwood tonight. i just got an 11 disc set in to go with my fernwood set.

1982 THE UNKNOWN COMEDY SHOW dvd starring murray langston aka the unknown comic, johnny dark and others
1983 UNCENSORED dvd, skit comedy starring murray langston (unknown comic), john paragon cassandra peterson

complete 1980 series BJ and the BEAR dvd set (also have bj spinoff series Sherriff Lobo)

1969 thriller EYE OF THE CAT dvd starr. Michael Sarrazin, Eleanor Parker, Gayle Hunnicutt

1974 tv series GET CHRISTIE LOVE dvd set �" four episodes and the movie

Robin Williams live 1982 in san francisco

complete 1999 series RESCUE 77 dvd set w/ Christian Kane

the 1969 public tv educ. show Demonstrations in Physics w/ Julius Sumner Miller dvd set

1970s japanese TV series ZATOICHI dvd set The Blind Swordsman HARD TO FIND! (not the movies but the weekly series zato ichi monogatari dvd set ft. the same actor)

complete SEAHUNT dvd set
complete WKRP dvd set

1969 tv show THE NEW PEOPLE dvd by aaron spelling & rod serling! similar to “LOST”. (pilot)
1995 tv series CYBILL dvd set starring cybill shepherd complete
THE HANDLER dvd 2003 pilot episode. fbi crime show starring joe pantoliano (sopranos)
jack black’s show HEAT VISION and JACK dvd only a pilot made, w jack and ben stiller. the dvd includes the compete tenacious d series.
1967 tv show MR. TERRIFIC dvd a goofy superhero show
1967 tv show CAPTAIN NICE dvd a similar goofy superhero show

complete series Misadventures of SHERIFF LOBO dvd set, bj and the bear spinoff

complete series COP ROCK dvd set

complete series RIPTIDE dvd set starr joe penny similar to magnum p.i.

1977 variety tv show The Jacksons television show dvd 4 Disc set

1980 variety show PINK LADY starring jeff altman

1990 short lived sitcom starr. Howie Mandel �" GOOD GRIEF dvd set �" he runs a funeral home

1979 tv show SALVAGE 1 dvd set w andy griffith

1977 ten disc FERNWOOD 2NITE dvd set. martin mull and fred willard tv show
Tic Tac Dough (70s Game Show)
Best of The Electric Company 4 dvd set
the DAVE THOMAS COMEDY SHOW dvd 1990 cbs tv show, with guests like m. short & c. chase

1983 HBO series NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS dvd set

complete tv series THE P.J.’s dvd set �" eddie murphy claymation show
complete tv series NOWHERE MAN dvd set
vh1 series BANDS REUNITED dvd set �" new wave 80s bands reunited
complete howard stern channel 9 tv show dvd set
complete series VR5 dvd set VR.5 VR-5 w/ lori singer
complete 1986 tv series Fast Times At Ridgemont High dvd
complete Parker Lewis Cant Lose
complete BIG VALLEY dvd set
complete season two of PRISON BREAK dvd set
complete T.J. HOOKER set
The complete tv series PERRY MASON dvd set 48 discs and 6 more of p. mason movies

1980 tv movie PIGS VS. FREAKS dvd w/ patrick swayze, tony randall as a hippie!, actors from animal house, and more, about cops vs hippies.
1978 tv movie COTTON CANDY dvd directed by RON HOWARD! about a high school rock band.

1979 shortlived NBC series CLIFFHANGERS dvd (fantasy/advernture/mystery)
1995 version of GET SMART this short lived fox series includes don adams and barbara feldon and feat. andy dick as the son of maxwell smart
1987 nbc tv show THE HIGHWAYMAN dvd (like mad max & knight rider)

old short film GUNMEN’S BLUES 1981.

three RICKY JAY specials on one dvd;
again all three of them on one dvd, very good quality.

complete MTV puppet show SIFL & OLLY dvd set

GENERATION X dvd (aka x-men) this was the ‘96 tv movie by marvel. it starred matt frewer (aka max meadroom) and was basically an early version of x-men.


PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE stars richard hatch & john saxon

the only james bond movie you’ve -NEVER- seen!!! this is the original 1954! black and white! made for TV! shown in the u.s. only! and instead of james bond he goes by jimmy bond!!! with co-star peter lorre! this is the same title as the first james bond movie, “casino royale” but made long before the 1967 movie which everyone thinks is the first bond movie, it wasnt, this was! it was based on ian flemmings first bond book casino royale. it was made for CBS tv as a movie of the week for the states not the u.k., very rare indeed!!! casino royale climax dvd

tonight show with johnny carson episodes;
9/18/73 �" tony randall, ozzie and harriet, jerry van dyke, william blatty-w/o/c
3/21/73 �" steve martin, florence henderson, candice bergen, karen brakke-w/o/c
3/24/75 �" goldie hawn, orson bean, gil rodgers-w/o/c
10/28/76 �" bob hope, steve martin, jim fowler, david horowitz-w/o/c
6/19/78 �" GUEST HOST: STEVE MARTIN, guests, richard pryor, glenn campbell
2/20/78 �" GUEST HOST: STEVE MARTIN, guests, andy kaufman, kenny rogers

9/5/80 - guests david bowie, richard pryor, bob hope, randi oakes. w/o/c

5/21/82 �" steve martin, sylvester stallone-w/o/c
10/1/85 �" 23rd annv. special �" eddie murphy, b. reynolds, garry shandling, louie anderson
10/27/86 �" GUEST HOST �" GARRY SHANDLING guests martin mull, vanna white-w/o/c
2/16/90 �" bob hope, magic johnson, joe williams �" w/o/c
an epis. of “an evening at the improv” dvd from 1982 w guests like sandra bernard, charles fleishman, julie brown, cassandra petterson. incl. orig. commercials 1HR grade A.
on same disc as improv;
random 1982 half hour news broacast from abc channel 7, L.A. w orig. commercials grade A.

complete NIGHT GALLERY dvd set

complete Dr. Katz dvd set
complete Barney Miller dvd set
complete automan dvd set
complete THE HULK live action w bill bixby
greater tuna dvd hbo special ‘84
“how william shatner chaned the world” and shatner biography on same disc
1984 episode of SNL w host jesse jackson, music: andrae couch + wintley phipps
1999 episode of SNL w host cuba gooding jr, music: ricky martin
1977 episodes of SNL w host steve martin, music jackson browne
1978 episode of SNL w host eric idle, music; kate bush
1978 episode of SNL w host christopher lee, music; meatloaf
Bill Murray Hosting SNL 2/20/93, ssn. 18 epi. 14, music: Sting, skits like “the whipmaster”

ON the EDGE OF BLADE RUNNER DVD bbc documentary about the movie, 1 hour
(i also have the original vers. of blade runner w voice narration and the “original” ending, as well as the directors cut, with new edits, no voice over, and diff. ending)

SOLID GOLD dvd set. the classic music tv show incl. original commercials, like a comm. to “re-elect president carter” �" wow.

“BIZARRE” �" john byner & super dave osborne early 80s showtime comedy special 6 DVD set. this is the late night show that brought us super dave!

complete When things were Rotten dvd set mel brooks/robin hood spoof

Christopher Titus live stand up, NORMAN ROCKWELL IS BLEEDING dvd �" GRADE: A+, complete, uncut, and unedited, widescreen presentation. 2004

Christopher Titus live stand up LOVE IS EVOL dvd grade A 2009

complete DANGER BAY dvd the canadian adventure tv series

Bill Murray live from second city dvd
Bill Murray Hosting SNL 2/20/93, ssn. 18 epi. 14, music: Sting, skits like “the whipmaster”

GILDA “live” dvd stand up special 1980


LILY TOMLIN 1973 SPECIAL dvd (on same disc with cosby and whoopie)

BILL COSBY 1983 stand up “Himself” dvd (on same disc w lily and whoopi) GOLDBERG 1985 one woman show “Direct From Broadway” dvd (on disc with cosby/lily)

SAM KINISON: stand up “banned” dvd
SAM KINISON: biography “why did we laugh” dvd
SAM KINISON: Breaking the Rules/ Also added Family Entertainment Hour dvd
SAM KINISON: 1984 HBO 9th annual special ft comedians like louie anderson and sam kinisons first tv appearance, bob nelson, bob saget, rita rudner, hosted by rodney dangerfield.
SAM KINISON on the rodney dangerfield special it aint easy bein me dvd
SAM KINISON: live handheld audience shot video of him with his all star rock
band on new years eve at the aladdin in vegas 1991+pay per view
special+clips from the SNL he hosted.

Sam Kinison rare compilation his LAST SHOW �" Upland, CA �" 3-20-92, 1985 three SNL apps, 1986 dave letterman app.

ANDREW DICE CLAY: No Apologies/ & Assume the Position dvd
ANDREW DICE CLAY: Dice Rules:A. Dice Clay Concert Movie dvd
ANDREW DICE CLAY: Dice Man Cometh dvd
ANDREW DICE CLAY on the redd foxx special dirty dirty jokes dvd
ANDREW DICE CLAY on the rodney dangerfield nothin goes right dvd
ANDREW DICE CLAY movie BRAIN SMASHER dvd w/ co-star teri hatcher
ANDREW DICE CLAY rare tv apps. comp. 1 hour 50 min. feat. a ton of RARE tv appearances. his infamous arsenio shows, the perf. that got him banned from mtv, hosting friday night videos, the playboy channel, the vma’s, and more. quality varies per clip.

PAULY SHORE: Pauly Does Dallas dvd
HOWIE MANDEL: live from london ‘88 and howie in maui dvd ‘89
HOWIE MANDEL: “North American Watusi Tour” dvd ‘86
HOWIE MANDEL: first comedy special 1983
HOWIE MANDEL: 1981 on 6th ann. young comedians special
STEVEN WRIGHT: “A Steven Wright Special” ‘85 & “The Appointments of Dennis Jennings” dvd

robin williams 1977 at the improv l.a., 2nd annual young comedians special
robin williams 1977 on the richard pryor roast, roasting pryor.
robin williams 1978 live at the roxy new york, doing “off the wall” material. guest app by john ritter.
robin williams 1978 appearing on battle of the network stars
robin williams 1982 san francisco
robin willliams 1986 the met new york
robin williams 1986 san fran. hosting and doing stand up on the 10th annual young comedians special.
robin williams �" biography, hour long robin williams documentary

RODNEY DANGERFIELD: Nothin Goes Right dvd 1988
RODNEY DANGERFIELD: It’s Not Easy Bein Me dvd ‘86 (w/a young JERRY SEINFELD!)
DAVID CROSS �" pride is back dvd ‘99 hbo special (on same disc as dangerfield)

James Brown’s FUTURE SHOCK dvd, this is JB’s rip off version of soul train, identical to soul trains format, w/ a seemingly lit JB as the host. 1 disc B-

Strongbad, Homestarrunner 6 DVD set!

Mark Blankfield in the sequel to the movie the jerk, “the jerk, too” dvd 1984 grade A.

1989 HBO special I, MARTIN SHORT, GOES HOLLYWOOD dvd with plenty of sctv guest appearances

an old 1983 hbo comedy special called a paragon of comedy dvd with john paragon and guest like an early pee wee herman. excellent quality.

PEE WEE HERMAN fans; 5 dvd’s loaded with rare peewee stuff;
seven different appearances on Late Night w D. Letterman
Eve at the Improv, on Friday Night Videos, on Room 227, on Arsenio Hall Show, on Dolly Parton show, on Joan Rivers,
hosting saturday night live 1985, P.W. playhouse X-Mas Special
the original PeeWees Playhouse LIVE STAGE show from the Roxy in L.A.(not the tv broadcast of the kids show, rather the original 1981 stage show special presented on hbo. john paragon played the original jamba the genie on this show, it also had players like phil hartman.

5; PeeWee/Paul Reubens BIOGRAPHY �" an hour long documentary special

The DUMMY :Saturday Nightmares Commander USA short film

the original 1980 movie “The Gong Show” upgraded quality, grade A.

8 dvd’s of orginal 70s THE GONG SHOW dvd set, classic tv stuff! grade B-.

a david letterman rarities disc, first is two episodes of the GONG SHOW ‘77 that dave sat in as one of the judges, then a pilot of THE RIDDLERS, a game show pilot that never went into production that dave was the host of, then an episode of MORK & MINDY that dave played a role on.

“Battle of the Network Stars” dvd set 5 disc set 1976-80 with people like david letterman (before the late night show), robin williams, bille crystal, etc.

“LEMMINGS” dvd 1973 National Lampoon’s Special w/ Belushi, Chevy Chase, before SNL and Second City, also Christopher Guest of Spinal Tap. this special is def. helped inspire spinal tap. it is a stage show parady of Woodstock. even a fake band called Megadeath. RARE!

DISCO BEAVER dvd; a 1978 hbo National Lampoon comedy special called DISCO BEAVER FROM OUTER SPACE also very RARE!

RICH HALL’S “Vanishing America” dvd 1986 comedy special. rich was a cast memeber on both Frydays and SNL. as well had numerous special. here is a classic one inspired by his skits on “frydays”. excellent quality (on the same disc as “lemmings”.

Dirty Dirty Jokes dvd w redd foxx, andrew dice clay, jackie martling (howard stern show), robert shimmel and others. a rare stand up comedy show from 1984

Four discs ANDY KAUFMAN dvd set;

compilation disc 1 -
1. An Evening at the Improv: Andy Hosts the show; Andy
eats ice cream; Andy lets fans touch his cyst
2. David Letterman: Andy performs in a Turban,
includes interview
3. Catch A Rising Star: Andy is heckled
4. Andy on the Dating Game as Foreign Man
5. Andy does Old McDonald on SNL
6. The Improv: Andy does stand up and
The first televised appearance of Tony Clifton
7. Dick Van Dyke Show: Includes 4 appearances of Andy
as Foreign Man

compilation disc 2 -
1. David Letterman: Promoting My Breakfast With
Blassie, Fred Blassie interview; Andy sings
2. Playboy Channel special; Andy wrestles Playboy
playmate of the year Susan Smith
3. Wrestling challenge on SNL, puts his hair on the
line against female contest winner; ╲Nature Boy╡
Buddy Rogers introduces Andy
4. Playboy Channel performance; Andy sings kids songs
5. The Midnight Special
6. David Letterman: Bob Zmuda as Tony Clifton
7. David Letterman: Andy introduces his adopted kids

compilation disc 3 -
1. The Mike Douglas Show: Andy appears as Foreign Man,
gives an interview and performs Mighty Mouse routine
2. The Mike Douglas Show: Andy sings kids songs and
gives an interview
3. SNL: The Great Gatsby routine
4. Andy performs his Andy Kaufman Show live at the
Improv in LA, filmed with a 16mm black and white
5. The Uncle Andyâ•˙s Funhouse TV pilot
6. David Letterman Morning Show: 2 appearance as
homeless Andy, asks the crowd for spare change
7. The Dinah Shore Show as Tony Clifton
8. Lawler and Andy on Letterman, completely uncensored
9. Andy challenges any woman to wrestle him live on
10. Andy at the Improv; does his laundry, performs
Cash for the Merchandise

compilation disc 4 -
1. andy kaufmans app. on the tonight show 1978, with guest host steve martin
2. andy plays carnegie hall live 1979, his famous show with all of his characters.
3. a 15min interview from 2000 with bob zmuda, bud friedman, & george shapiro about the carnegie show and about andy.
4. (of all the andy items i have this is my favorite) a bizarre andy kaufman special called i’m from hollywood. a 1981 special with guests like robin williams, merilu henner, bob zmuda, jerry lawler, tony danza, and of course andy, covering extensively his wrestling “career”. this has TONS of footage from his days as a wrestler, most of which i had never seen before. BUT, it has far more than just wrestling, it has lots of people talking about in depth about andy and has lots of rare clips of andy being interviewed. its just all around a very interesting special that gives a lot of cool insight into the mind of kaufman!

more ANDY KAUFMAN SPECIALS; A Comedy Salute To Andy Kaufman, My Breakfast with Blassie, The Real Andy Kaufman, The Midnight Special, and his movie Heartbeeps

Lewis Black “unleashed” DVD, 1hour 40 min. total, all grade A+. six comedy central specials; first live at the palace, hollywood, ‘98, 22 min., live in new york ‘00, 21 min, live nyc ‘02 “the end” 20 min., live ‘02 “taxed beyond belief” 20 min., “world of politics” 2000 at the republican nat. conv. in philly for “the daily show” 12 min and democ. nat. conv. l.a. 9 min.

George Carlin “carlin on campus” dvd ‘84 grade A

Rodney Dangerfield “nothing goes right” dvd ‘87 with andrew dice, and others. grade A

Father Guido Sarducci goes to college dvd ‘85 stand up special from u.c. santa barbara, 1 hour, grade A-
(also have father guido hosting “frydays” & have him in the “GILDA LIVE” special

STEVE MARTIN dvd set; 7 discs, many rare specials;
disc one;
“a wild and crazy guy” 1978 NBC tv special w/ George Burns, Johnny Cash, Henry Winkler, and more. grade A-
“comedy is not pretty” 1980 his second NBC tv special. w/ Paul Rubens, Regis Philbin?, Carl Reiner, and more. grade B
disc two;
“steve martins best show ever” ‘81 NBC special. this is an awesome reunion of sorts of the classic SNL cast. its actually more like an SNL show. w/ belushi, akroyd, murray, franken and davis, l. newman, p.schaffer, don pardo, even eric idle of m.python.grade B-
“homage to steve” 1979 live in concert standup at the universal amphitheatre. grade A
“the absent minded waiter” steve 1977 classic dumb waiter movie with buck henry and terri garr. grade A.
disc three;
steve’s first tv special 1974; “the funnier side of eastern canada”, 50 min. grade B.
then steve on the midnight special ‘78, grade C,
then steve as guest on johnny carson 1973, grade C+.
disc four;
steve hosting the pilot episode of nbc’s “the new show” 1984,by lorne michaels, w/ sctv cast, jeff goldblum,buck henry, etc. 1 hour GRADE A.
then steve as HOST of the tonight show 1976, for an absent johnny. w guests richard pryor! glen campbell, bernadette peters, 45 min. grade C+.
disc five;
steves hour long 1980 special called “all commercials” w guests like paul rueben.
then his full “muppet show” episode
then the show “60 minutes” special on steve, then a couple misc extras. ALL GRADE A.
disc six;
steve’s 1983 NBC special “the winds of whoopie” grade B-. 1hour, compilation of rare steve items, some from the specials above but others from stuff not on my list.
then two different apps. by steve on johnny carson, one in ‘76, the other in 82 grade B+,
lastly steve as GUEST HOST for Carson again! this one in ‘78, with guests andy kaufman!, steve allen, etc grade B+, 1 hour.
disc seven
1968! epis. of the dating game with STEVE MARTIN as a contestant! he has BROWN HAIR!, before he was famous, he is just introduced as a writer for the smothers bros. show.
1976 episode of the GONG SHOW the steve was a judge on.
a 2004 interview of steve by jiminy glick (martin short) �" very funny
the short app. by steve on a recent SNL with alec baldwin

the following steve martin discs are not cosidered part of the 7 disc set;

Biography channel; 2 hour bio/documentary on steve martin.

snl �" steve martin w/ the kinks 77
snl �" steve martin w/ kinky friedman 76
snl �" steve martin w/ j brown 77
snl �" steve martin w/ van morrison 78
snl �" steve martin w/ blues bros 78
snl �" steve martin w/ blondie 79


Mark Blankfield in the sequel to the movie the jerk, “the jerk, too” 1984 grade A.

SKATETOWN USA dvd �" an insanely CHEEEESY!!! movie. 1979, starring scott baio, patrick swayze, maureen mckormick, misc people like the UNKNOWN COMIC performs as well as Murray langston has an acting part, and horshack.. this movie is jaw dropping, it is so cheesy it is actually good! the premise; roller disco contest, patrick swayze is “ACE” the switchblade carrying roller disco dancer gang member who rules the rink. i cannot go on enough about this movie, i was in awe from beginnig to end, its hilarious. think, “thank god its friday” in a roller rink with the strangest cast youll ever see. honestly and surprisingly this is actually a pretty good movie, and actually really funny. oh so 70’s though. this belongs in everyones collection! from 16mm print. (p.s. never released in any format, only on the big screen)

a second scott baio movie made for tv in 1980. “the boy who drank too much” dvd this is an afterschool special meant to show kids the dangers of drinking. pretty bad stuff. also contains a handful of classic 70s beer commercials, for beer i dont even remember existing.

complete tv series DANGER THEATRE dvd set, wacky comedy with ADAM , ROBERT VAUGHN, and DIEDRICH BADER (drew carey show), directed by Penelope Spheeris on 2 dvd’s. grade A-.

the complete series ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE dvd set

one of the funniest damn shows i have ever seen! �" TRAILER PARK BOYS �" its a canadian show that ran for 7 years, just ending last year, as well there were two movies (yes TWO, some only know of one movie) and as well there was a christmas special. i have all 7 seasons, BOTH movies, and the xmas special. as well there were 7 seasons, not 6 as some may think.

the complete 1970’s LIVE ACTION! spiderman tv series, excellent quality.

complete mtv series LIQUID TELEVISION dvd set grade B

complete mtv animated series AEON FLUX dvd set grade B+

Mtv �" THE FIRST 24 HOURS!!! of broadcast on 12 dvd’s.

SNL cartoon T.V. FUNHOUSE dvd set by robert smigel. the complete series of cartoons, also a second disc of a complete set of all the funhouse shorts shown on SNL. grade B+

the complete tv series WINGS dvd set grade A, 25 dvd’s.

complete SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN dvd set

complete BIONIC WOMAN dvd set

the short lived comedy central series “thats my bush” dvd set about g.bush in the white house by the creators of south park.

“THE MASTER” dvd set aka “MASTER NINJA” a 1984 tv series w/Lee VanCleef as a Ninja also Sho Kusogi. picture a low budget hybrid of the “A TEAM” & “KUNF FU” with a mix of the movie “revenge of the ninja”. also has demi moore in the pilot. complete series. grade B.

80’s classics “enter the ninja”, “revenge of the ninja”, and “the challenge”

the original UNAIRED pilot of Star Trek WITHOUT capt. kirk/shatner!!! instead its capt. pike played by a different actor.

a compliation disc with very rare and very ridiculous kids specials hosted by , GARY COLEMAN, and COREY HAIM, grade A- quality, consist of these 3 specials on one disc;

�"�"- Coery Haim’s Me, Myself and I dvd (1989) �" Corey Haim wrote and starred in this exploitation movie, which is dedicated entirely to himself. Through the course of it, we are led on a tour of his “everyday life, ” which includes a one-on-one hockey game with a middle aged man, him modelling the latest fashions, and several “heartfelt” talks about what a decent guy he is.

�"�"�" Gary Coleman for Safety’s Sake dvd (1986) �" Gary Coleman, the young television sitcom star, hosts this instructional video that teaches children how to make their home safe and sound.

the ORIGINAL 1980 BBC production of the tv series HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY dvd set, this is from an officially released 2 disc set. the entire series plus a bonus disc of making of/behind the scenes/interviews/extras, etc etc.

tons of Joseph Campbell 20 hours! the premier religious scholar. this guy will blow you away. includes transformations of myths through time dvd and the power of myth

pbs presentation; “A Question Of God” dvd. a four hour mock debate based on the writings of sigmund freud (athiest) and c.s. lewis dealing with the question, does god exist?

“The God Who Wasn’t There” �" a film about religion and christianity by an atheist

Anton LaVey (Church of SATAN founder) this is rare official documentary made in 1969! in san fran, at his black house church. SATANIS dvd. as expected its pretty bizarre. covers his church, his members, his beliefs and rituals. its like a real life B movie horror flick! 1hr 20 min. grade A-

a second anton lavey docum. made in the 80s that is great! speak of the devil dvd it is way more in depth than the 69 doc. if you get only one anton disc get this one. grade A

church of SCIENTOLOGY dvd from a 1966 interview with L. ron hubbard, likely one of the only ones on film. a guy asks him questions about scientology and ‘ol ron blows him away with profound pearls of wisdom like “a brain is a brain” and “whats good for the duck hunter isnt always good for the duck”. say what ron? so yeah some mind blowing stuff this scientology, now i see why tom cruise is so wrapped up in it… not.

Heaven’s Gate Initiation Tape dvd �" the crazy religious group in socal. that literally castrated themselves! then all literally put on nike’s and killed themsleves in order to catch a space ship that was hiding behind haley’s comet! what the fuck? well this is their leader/god telling all about how great their plan is and to get on board.

HEAVEN’S GATE THE DEFINITIVE STORY dvd documentary with former members and indepth stories about the cult

the MARK TWAIN stage show “Tonight” dvd. a one man stage show by hal holbrook as mark twain. basically speaking as twain talking about his philosophies of life in general.

the KEN BURNS PBS MARK TWAIN DOCUMENTARY, 2 dvd. classic ken burns style docum. about the life of mark twain.

the Mysterious Stranger dvd by Mark Twain. a 1984 movie made originally for pbs from an unpublished twain story.

the michael moore 1994 show “T.V. NATION” dvd shown on nbc and fox. 1 dvd.
the michael moore 1999 show “THE AWFUL TRUTH” dvd 2 dvd’s.
The BIG ONE dvd michael moore’s 1998 award winning documentary about corporate downsizing. (on same disc as “canadian bacon”) above productions are classic hilarious michael moore “roger and me” type stuff.
“Canadian Bacon” dvd a comedy written and directed by michael moore, starring John Candy. think “stripes” meets “the big one”. also fits right in with todays current iraq issues (on same disc as the big one)
michael moores movie’s “bowling for columbine” and “farenheit 9/11″ on one disc


wanna fight? a 6 HOUR! compilation i made of misc. street fighting/self defense videos showing hours of dirty fighting techniques, hand to hand, weapons, grappling, even biting. fast and finish moves, cool stuff.

UFC fight events numbers 69 thru 100 (i already have ufc 1 thru 68 listed below)

a 157 DISC SET!!!!! yes, thats one hundred and fifty seven discs! the massive UFC and PRIDE fights dvd collection!!! 73 pride discs and 84 ufc discs. The package consists of: UFC 1 thru 68, UFC A night of champions 98, UFC ultim. KO’s 3, UFC spike tv series 1, Ultm.Hits 1 and 2, Ultimate Fight Night 1-3, 8. UFC Ultimate japan 97, Brazil 98, ultm. ultm. 96, part 2 (PRIDE) collection consists of: Pride 1 thru 33, Bushido 1-11, Final Conflict ‘03,04,05,06, Grand Prix “opening road” and finals 2000, Critical Countdown 04,05,06, Shockwave 02,03,04,05,06, Pride Total Elimination 03,04,05,06. this set is insane!!

UFC documentary FIST FULL OF DOLLARS about the ufc from its beginning to now