Litter For Cat wanted!

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I am in need of a Box of "Cat Litter",with inflation and cost of living(even Cat litter has gone up,that's Nuts!)i sure would appreciate the help to get a Box for my "Minoune",who's a great girl when she isn't Moody!Tidy Cat or Arm and Hammer,even FreshPet is good,i'm not difficult,must be clumping and no dust litter is better and healthier for her(She's 17 yrs.old and no slouch!).I am only on a "Disability" pension and my "Big Government" pay is only once a month,just barely make the month last and basically it's just a little help i'm asking for,nothing more,nothing less and it's always needed for her to get through!I have no transportation,can't afford Buses,don't own a car,can't even afford to buy socks for myself.The help is greatly appreciated.Thank you for your understanding and positive replies!P.S.I don't own a computer and rely on the library when it's open to answer back soon.Hope you may be able to help me,greatly appreciated!Thank you and have a nice day.Je parle aussi bien le Francais!