After your garage sale or if you are moving

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If you have left over garage sale items, or moving items, or just too much stuff you don't need anymore, I was in the navy for 8 years, and I sell at the swapmeet sometimes to make extra money to pay my bills. If you are going to just donate it, I think me picking them up is going to a good cause, because I really do appreciate your used old items I can sell, and sometimes the goodwill will not take it all when the guy or guys pick up, they are more picky than me, I will take what my 4 door suv car will pick up, which it can hold about the same size as a half pick up truck, so if you have a few boxes or bags, or up to even a whole small Kia Soul 4 door car load, plus the front seat, I would appreciate it very much I could also do more than one trip if needed. You can all or better even to text me at 858-997-7062, things that you would sell at a swapmeet, like old kitchen stuff, knick knacks, etc, not to much big or heavy stuff, I just can't fit those types of things in the suv, thank you.