Great Cat Needs Vet Help!

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    1 year ago
Member since June 24, 2022
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I have a 17 year old Calico Cat named "Minoune"(she's french and very bilingual!)so i'm just wondering if anyone would like to help a "Poor" person like me who is simply looking for Spare Change like:nickels,dime,quarters,Loonies or Twoonies to be able to collect to pay for my Cat's Vet,which is very much needed!I'll be honest,i'm simply on a Disability pension and right now it would help tremendously!I always make sure that my "Minoune"is well taken care of for food and neccessities.My bills just make it too hard to be able to save enough for her Vet!Right now,she needs the Vet care for grooming,nails,check-up,shots and possibly a blood test(which isn't cheap!)to make sure she stays healthy and get those bothersome hair lumps off as soon as possible!I'm also picking up change on my own but it's hard when i have to get some supplies for myself,like Food!You may think whatever you want of me,i'm just doing my best under my circumstances and even just nickels and dimes would be tremendously helpful!So,if you may help with any spare change at all,it is greatly appreciated,thankful and very generous.Your understanding and any help is very appreciated!I don't own a Car or even a Bus Pass and with my bad health issues(mostly physical)just can't afford it!P.S.I can even send a pic of me and Minoune together,if replies are serious enough to help me get with Financial help to get to my goal,i'll send the pic!Je Parle aussi bien le Francais!