Live Life on your Own Terms, Not Someone Else's.

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dianemarierose Verified
Germantown, NB
Member since May 10, 2021
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Hello! My name is Diane. My husband is a fisherman and we are parents of 6 grown children and Grandparents to 2 beautiful children. However, We do not consider ourselves empty-nester as we have 5 dogs whom we Love Dearly.
As we are headed toward what are suppose to be our golden years I became increasingly concerned that even though I had a job in the Tourism Industry it did not offer a pension plan. I lost my job last year as our Tourist Industry did not do well because of the state of the World which was beyond our control
Then I started thinking, do I really want to go back to the job even when it becomes available again? I will never forget the day I asked for a certain day off to attend my son's wedding and was told no. I was told there was no one to replace me although I had given sufficient notice. My heart was crushed and I remember being at work the day of his wedding trying to hold back the tears. What other Family celebrations, milestones or health crisis events was I not going to be able to attend because of my job! I needed to find something different...something where I could work according to my own schedule so that I did not miss out on the important things in life. When you live in a small town that relies solely on Tourism there is not an abundance of jobs available. My Family means everything to me and I was unwilling to sacrifice missing out on anything more. I knew I had to find a solution and I did!
.All of these things factored in to my having to find something more sustainable that would allow me to earn to be able to meet my monthly obligations .I wanted the ability to work independently. I wanted to take control. I wanted to work on my own schedule. I wanted to leverage my time, and make My Money and technology work for me. I wanted to inspire others, and help transform lives beyond my own. More than anything, I wanted to create the means and the time to make the most of the rest of my life
I was scrolling through my newsfeed one day and came across an ad similar to this one from someone who was achieving success with an Internet Based Business. I was intrigued and wanted to know more.
I took a chance and I clicked on her link and entered my name and email address to watch a 90 minute Webinar at no cost with no strings attached. I had a choice to watch a live one or to watch a replay so I chose the latter so I could watch it when it was convenient for me. I was afraid, nervous and very skeptical and I also had a husband who was not supportive (he is now my biggest supporter).
This is a huge community that consists of Nurses, Teachers, Accountants, Paramedics , Parents, Grandparents just to name a few and it can be done from any country in the world so it does not matter where you live. We are Like minded people from Every walk of life in different stages of life. Anyone can do this as long as you have a computer or cell phone and Internet access. If this little ole country girl can than do this than believe can too!
I now know my future will be secure and I get to do what I am so passionate about and that is to help people achieve their dreams. I can now spend all the time I want with my Family and I never miss any events big or small in their lives. Nanny can always be counted on to be there!
I have a sustainable Business that I can pass on to my Grandchildren someday to ensure their future is brighter in this unpredictable world.
When i signed up to watch the LIVE Complimentary 90 min webinar (replay is available)
Here’s what I learned:
• How to setup a successful digital business
• No previous business or technical skills require
• The training provides personal mentorship, coaching, tools and all the resources you need to become successful.
• No need to worry about building website! The system is already built and managed for you
• No selling, the automation system does all the heavy lifting.
• The business run 24hrs - that means more time for me!
• Tap into thousands of knowledgeable and experienced global mentorship.
• Weekly mastermind with tips and strategies to help your business grow
The no selling and personal mentorship & coaching were very important to me.
.No bothering Friends or Family.
. Are you interested in learning more? I encourage everyone to just check out the webinar for yourself. If it’s for you great! If not that’s ok too. Please contact me and I will send you my own personal link to watch our complimentary, no obligation info session to see if this opportunity is right for you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and send me a message. I am Truly Grateful and very Blessed to have found this opportunity and would love the chance to share it with you.
Hope to hear from you soon and wishing you a Blessed day.