I can drive you in my car and much more help

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I'm looking for a person that needs an honest reliable person that can help them with just about anything you need done around the house or driving, errands, medical appointments and more. I'm a 55 year old navy veteran that works from home for myself all the time, and have any time I want to help you. Maybe 1 or 2 times a week, for a half day to full day each time, or just let me know what you need help with?

I'm looking for a person that needs help on a regular basis. I have a 2018 4 door hatchback car that holds quite a bit in the back, I even fit a moped in the back one time, I also have 2 dogs that ride in my car all the time, they won't be with me, but they ride all the time in the car, I love dogs is why. Your dog can ride in my car if you like, I don't mind.

I would charge $25 an hour, which can include my car and us driving to places, I will cover the gas if it's not too far, if you want us to go to LA or far out, then you covering gas is required, but not for just small 5 or 10 mile trips, but 50 or 100 miles, yeah, as cars break down when you least expect it usually.

I wrote a little book called Navy fun, because I liked my 8 years in the navy, from 82-90, so I wrote a book about it, if you read it, you will know my life. My worst problem is I think I talk to much, so if you don't like a guy that seems to talk to much, that is me, sorry.

I think a person that is up in age like me a bit, well getting their, but someone older than me that would enjoy us driving around in my car sight seeing if you like, or going places like the park, country rides, my favorite, and also of course besides companionship and help, I can also do lots of things around your house, I was a handy man when I got out of the navy in my 20's, Plus we used to have rental houses up North, so I have experience when people move out and all that.

I lived in Penasquitos for 27 years in the same house, but now Lakeside for the last 3 years, I can drive anywhere in San Diego or wherever you are, but the farther away, the longer I need to help you. I have always worked for myself my whole life, this is more for me to do something different and help maybe a nice person that needs help, but can also get around and do things, I go sight seeing almost daily it seems driving around when I take a break from my computer work.

I spend most of my day on the computer, but I get tired of it, but this is my idea, I don't have experience taking care of a person in a wheelchair or something like that, but you can teach me the way you like it done, so I do it good for you. A veteran would be nice to take out to places and then help with household chores, pets, cleaning, dishes, garden, dog waste clean up even if needed, I do it at home for my dogs, I can help you too. Pool cleaning, I used to do my own pool years ago when I lived in Poway before we moved to Penasquitos, the good old days to me.

I used to own and work in my own stores over the years in San Diego for about 10 years, then I ran my own websites and sales for about 10 years, still do that now. My phone number, and text is the best for me to start, 858-997-7062 before I forget. I also have been in the tree cutting business for the last 16 years, used to cut and stump grind myself, but my helpers do it now, so I only am a salesman from home and set up the jobs for them when I get them, if you need a tree or stump grinded, I can get that done cheaper for you than most, if it was just pruning and light trimming, I could do it myself, but at my age, I only like hard work for about 30 minutes at a time, or I will die from it now, as anyone knows, tree cutting and stump grinding is sweating work.

I am not in a hurry to find a job like that, I was thinking it would be more fun to get to know the person and I can always use money like we all need to pay bills, but someone that would look forward to me coming over so we can do something they want to do, then do some work around the house, whatever you need done or help with. If you look at the picture of me on my book, "Navy Fun" I have a beard back then, but I'm clean shaven the last 10 or so years I think now, well I have a mustache.

I can help you with light computer work, I type about 70 words a minute, thanks to the navy, hence why I write books and self publish them myself also. I can also help you sell your stuff online if you need help, I have a store on Etsy and Ebay I do. I like going to thrift stores and swapmeets and garage sales, I'm that kind of guy, I look for antiques, I just realized, you could pay me to take you to swapmeets and garage sales, and you could pay me to list your stuff for sale and pack and ship it for you, and you would probably make money from me, just kidding, but that is the way I think.

I've only had 3 times in my life I did good business wise where it was fun, I'm semi retired I think right now, don't make what I used to, but I don't go without anything. I worked for a doctor before that had his own cancer hospital in Carlsbad, and he flipped houses on the side, he was nice, he was a Navy doctor at one time, he trusted me with everything, his house, his properties, and his hospital, I painted his whole 2 story little medical center with orderless paint during a Christmas shutdown, built sauna coal burners, did touch up jobs on houses he owned, laid sod, painting, staining, wall crack repairs, that was about 25 years ago and he paid me $20 an hour under the table, and I met him at the swapmeet when I was selling back then in Oceanside years ago, I had a home maintenance sign on my truck, I sold on the weekends and did landscape and painting type jobs from passing my cards out at the swapmeet while selling.

Ebay had just come to the internet, and I sold a mickey motto double strand pearl necklace on ebay, my first item, it sold for $2,300 and I was hooked on ebay, told him I could not work for him any more, I wanted to do ebay full time, and then I did ebay full time buying and selling, then got into selling motorcycle gear online, I used to do display ads in 6 motorcycle magazines getting riders to go to my site to buy leather gear from me, that was a good business back years back now also.

I've been doing books online the last 10 years, my own, all in paperback, ebook and audio, audio is good, I paid alot of people to do them for me, that is what I do from home now, whenever I want, but I get tired of being on the computer and at home, so I thought of this little idea, so if you need help from a guy you can trust, I think for me the hardest thing to find is someone you can trust with you stuff, when I had 2 stores and a small warehouse and 7 workers, I think half of them took from me, so trust is so important to me, so if you need help with your airbnb or something else you do part time, I can help with that also, clean up, or get ready with new paint, or driving around taking pictures and checking on our rentals or property.
So I would charge $100 for a 1/2 day or $200 for a full day or doing whatever you need to do, at least 4 times a month is what I would like, 1 time a week, maybe 2, Again, I have never worked for anyone since getting out of the navy 28 years ago, so I'm new to this also, I just want to help a nice person out that might have a bit of help needs, sorry this is so long, I talk to much too, so that is why I write books, I was a Yeoman in the navy, I've been stationed on a destroyer, submarine tender, and aircraft carrier for 2 weeks, I prefer a destroyer over a carrier any day, and 4 years a Miramar naval air station at hanger 6. Again, please text me or call and leave a message if you like, my name is Vince Stead, 858-997-7062

Personal Assistant, Driving, Navy Veteran, Home Maintenance, More, just about anything you think I can help you with, I will do my best, thank you, Vince. 858-997-7062 You can text me or email thru this site also. Minimum 4 hours for East County, San Diego, 5 Hours Beach Areas, and 6 Hours North County, as that is 2 hours driving time round trip for me, looking for a person that needs help, a friend, a handy man, a gardner, and I can plant you an organic garden and take care of it, especially if you have cancer, an organic garden is the best food you can get, and I'm into gardening, I sold my hydraulic dump trailer I had when I used to own a bobcat and dump trailer when I took out peoples yards for $60 an hour back when I did it myself, the guy that bought my trailer already had several, he puts in organic gardens for people and tends to them, with his helpers of course, but for more than $25 an hour, but I can do it cheaper than them, and with more love, because it would be so cool to grow some food for you, sorry this is so long, but I type pretty quick.