How I Built A Biz Online + Am Living My Dreams!

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Member since October 27, 2023
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How One Decision Saved My Life Emotionally, Financially and Physically
All I had to show for over two years until recently was business losses exceeding amount of money, endless worry and tears... lots of tears...
I was losing my spark

But throwing in the towel was not an option and now I have my life back from making ONE decision.
How? I was introduced to an affiliate marketing team that transformed me holistically. Read through...

I knew ultimately I wanted to go online but I couldn’t find my footing. I tried a couple avenues with no success and more... tears.
I wanted it so badly but having a couple businesses failing at the same time was destroying me emotionally, financially and physically.

Every failure lead to a more cyclical feeling of despair, defeat, and emotional sabotage.
I started dwelling on my problems and magnified the worst case scenarios to the point I was sabotaging everything in my way from my businesses to relationships to my own self-worth.

My friends were worried.

They told me maybe it was time for me to go back to the “working” world.
The world of overworked and underpaid just so I could MAYBE get by and MAYBE make up my capital losses.

I didn’t even think for a second staring wide eyed and straight faced into their eyes.

I didn’t sway.
I didn’t stutter.
The words just came out.
It was the most articulated, clear and concise answer I had been able to give someone in months.
“NO, absolutely not. That is NOT an option.”
A big solid NO. X

I drew a proverbial line in the sand and no one, not even me was going to cross it.

I took a leap… a jump... a little swagger into a new mindset. I changed my way of thinking from worst case scenario to best case scenario and worked on finding something online that was going to work for me.

The realization if you want something bad enough you have to give yourself a fighting chance, stay dedicated and even when things get a little hairy, don’t let your mistakes define you.

I landed on an opportunity to leverage the internet by JUST BEING ME and it changed my life
www. norimorrison .com

After I watched the video above and unlocked my profile, the first couple modules made me take a really good long hard look at myself, where I am now and where I want to be.

I have become the entrepreneur I knew lived inside of me.
Dedication to self improvement, learning, and staying engaged in the community are the key factors and if you have those traits and are willing to work to improve your WHOLE life click here

www. norimorrison .com

Once you have registered and unlocked your profile comment “Line In The Sand” so I know you are ready and can connect with you!

Talk to you soon!