The Cosmic Monster~1958~DVD~Forrest Tucker~Gaby Andre~FREE SHIP!

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BEFORE ORDERING... BE SURE TO READ ALL INFORMATION IN FULL ... and ALSO all info found on my StoreFront Pages which when I'm out of town includes my VACATION AWAY ALERT... thank you!

***I'm offering transfers of my personal 1st hand satellite capture vhs saves... or if exist and I own, transfers of my original, long out of print Vhs releases... on DVD-R ... listing as "new", because they are new DVD-Rs in new slimcases, however they are NOT new releases, as the movies I offer still have not been 'officially' released on dvd in the U.S.***

If Out of U.S. BEFORE choosing MUST 1st inquire about Out of U.S. S&H options I offer.

"The Cosmic Monster" (1958)(DVD-R) I'M A SUCKER FOR SCI-FI BIG BUG MOVIES AND THIS IS A FUN ONE WITH A NICE CAST! OFFERING A TRANSFER OF MY 1st HAND SATELLITE CAPTURE OF THIS STILL NOT 'OFFICIALLY' RELEASED ON DVD IN THE U.S. MOVIE TRANSFERED TO DVD-R IN ARTCASE W/FREE U.S. SHIPPING INCLUDING DELIVERY CONFIRMATION! PLEASE NOTE: Although my master of this movie is a 1st hand save, it is still an older save on an older vhs and is imperfect... noticed occasional/intermittent very thin line pass through, not constant or terribly noticeable, did not deter from our enjoyment of movie at all... but because I did notice if you're the picky-persnickety type seeking perfection, please pass because since I am honestly disclosing unfair to complain after ;0 IF A SCI-FI FAN FEEL FREE TO ASK ABOUT MORE FUN STILL UNRELEASED 50'S FLICKS I HAVE IN MY COLLECTION!

Synopsis: At a laboratory outside of a small village in the south of England, physicist Dr. Laird (Alec Mango), assisted by American scientist Gilbert Graham (Forrest Tucker), is performing a series of advanced experiments with magnetic fields -- dangerous experiments, using massive amounts of power in equipment which isn't designed to carry the load. An accident injures one of his assistants, and a request for a replacement to the Ministry of Defense brings Brigadier Cartwright (Windham Goldie) down to investigate, accompanied by a replacement for the injured man -- a woman computer expert, Michele Dupont (Gaby Andre), who helps to solve Laird's power problem, but not the larger risks inherent in his experiments. Cartwright is impressed when an interrupted experiment transforms several pieces of steel not in the test chamber into useless lumps of powder -- his report convinced the Deputy Defense Minister (Geoffrey Chater) to make Laird's project a top priority, and he sends a full security team, led by counter-espionage expert Jimmy Murray (Hugh Latimer), down to cover the laboratory. But it soon becomes clear that enemy agents are the least of the dangers manifesting themselves around Laird's project -- the hyper-magnetic fields that he has generated have been affecting the ionosphere, causing unnatural weather patterns, threatening ships at sea hundreds of miles away, and also weakening the magnetic layer that shields the surface of the earth from cosmic rays. The sudden burst of radiation from deep space causes brain damage in one man that turns him into into a homicidal maniac -- but it has also affected the insect life in the area, causing it to mutate. In the midst of this growing threat to the safety of the world, a mysterious Mr. Smith (Martin Benson) arrives in the village -- he's a well-spoken man with amazingly little knowledge of ordinary life, but a lot of awareness about magnetic fields and the work that Dr. Laird is doing. Murray is positive that he's a spy, but Gil and Michele decide that there's a lot less danger from him than from Dr. Laird, who has vowed to continue regardless of the risks. And even with Smith's warning, and Gil's and Michele's best efforts to alert the authorities and stop Laird, the forest adjacent to the town is soon swarming with gigantic beetles and other monsters. (amg)

Forrest Tucker..Gil Graham
Gaby André...Michele Dupont
Martin Benson...Smith
Alec Mango...Dr. Laird
Wyndham Goldie...Brigadier Cartwright
Hugh Latimer...Jimmy Murray
Dandy Nichols... Mrs. Tucker
Richard Warner...Inspector Burns
Patricia Sinclair...Helen Forsyth
Geoffrey Chater...Gerard Wilson
Hilda Fenemore...Mrs. Hale

Transfer of my personal 1st hand satellite capture vhs save of not yet 'officially' released on dvd in the U.S. movie on DVD-R... and sent in an ArtCase to make nicer to save :)

PLEASE NOTE: All movies are shared from collector to collector with no rights given or implied, intended as back up of your own save, for personal viewing, media content being free with any fees to cover time, labor and the many materials used to provide the best I can offer.
Because of the ease to copy material all sales are final - I do not offer refunds/returns. It is thee customers responsibility to be sure their playback system accepts the DVD-R format BEFORE sending payment. Please refer to your users manual, look up info online regarding your make & model, or better yet try a Dvd-R out 1st :)
By ordering you affirm you have read & understood all.

Payment: PayPal, or happy to accept a POSTAL (ONLY!) type Money Order but MUST 1st REQUEST CURRENT INFO which I would need to email you BEFORE you can send out.


If Out of U.S. BEFORE choosing MUST 1st inquire about Out of U.S. ship options I offer

1) If order 4 titles and send payment at same time may pick out a 5th title for free!
2) If ask for info BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT... I offer a $2 discount if prefer to order your movie as a plain/caseless dvd-r instead of in a slimcase w/artwork insert as I usually send. THIS OFFER IS NOT RETRO-ACTIVE, MUST TAKE THE $2 OFF WHEN SEND PAYMENT!

We are frequently away camping over weekends, that may include a Friday and/or Monday... longer over holidays... so if place an order and do not receive a prompt email confirmation your patience is appreciated :)

Fellow film fans... unfortunately this site does not have a feedback system set up, but I do have years of 100% positive feedback elsewhere to which I would be happy to provide a link to view upon request, so please choose with confidence and feel free to message me with any questions or concerns... thank you for considering me for movies!

I have over 1500 hard to find movies in my collection, 1st hand satellite captures and/or out of print original vhs... titles not yet 'officially' released on dvd so please feel free to contact me if looking for a rarity.