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We are an eCommerce Agency who provides solutions for Dropshipping.

With our combined knowledge of dropshipping and eCommerce & marketing,We have packaged the solution that requires to start and operate dropshipping business with our knowledge of scaling an eCommerce business.

With everyday new dropshipping business on the net you need to differentiate yourself from others in the market and that's where we come in, we make a brand out of your dropshipping business.

We believe a brand makes a good impression on your customers and give high life time value.

What we are providing you here is a Branding Solution to Dropshipping Stores and we have added Marketing side features so you can launch your business without a worry, just tell us a niche you want and let's get started.

To break it down, here's what you get in the package.

>Up to 100 product imported in your niche that are hot selling or going to breakout.
>Website Design Up to 6 pages, Includes Home Page, Contact Page, About Page, FAQs Page and your choice.
>Your website will get web app means that your customers can add your website as an app when they visit on their mobile.
>Your website will also get AMP optimization that means your product pages when browsed on mobile will render faster showing only essentials and that is also a signal for SEO so it improves chances to rank higher than most websites.
(This doesn't mean that your website will be ranked top on search engine, that is different service and requires some amount of time.)
>You will get a branded profile setup for Facebook, Instagram, pinterest and twitter.
>You will get On-Page SEO Optimization that helps you get more traffic organically.
>You will get marketplace integration if you need to market your product on platform like Amazon, eBay or etsy.
>You will also get email sequences to onboard and retain more customers and give them a journey throughout. The Email Marketing is a necessary element for online business. This includes
»Thank you up-sell sequence, when someone buys product they also get emails to buy more products that you want to up-sell to them.
»Win back emails, when customers have not visited your website for quite some time then then they get on this sequence and get emails to get them back active on website.
»Abandoned Cart Sequence to send out the emails to lost customers.
»Browser abandon sequence when a buyer browses some product on your store and leaves website after browsing the products then they are targeted with emails showcasing the products that they were looking at and hoping to checkout.
»Cross sell sequence when someone buys a product then they are targeted with emails that related to the products that they bought and hoping to gain interest there

These all are email sequences and they increase your chances to gain more profit and are best way to communicate with your customers since they have already purchased or recognize your brand.
>With that in place you will also get 1 additional option if you want to integrate referral system or reward system or anything other manageable in this package(limited to 1 feature)
>you get 30 days support from us if there's any issue/bug on the website post launch.
>The time needed to work on your project in this package is 20-30 days maximum and within that you'll get the store ready.

So if you have any other question feel free to send a message and get the conversation started.

If you have any specific requirement let us know prior to ordering so we can work it out and discuss the best solution.

You can contact through this email: info[at]resellhub[.]pw

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