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Work Where and When You Want!!

Hi! I’m Lisa and I’m a cancer survivor that needed an extra stream of income since I couldn't go back to what I always did,I'm from New Brunswick Canada. I became a digital business owner in September 2019.
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I love that this business is so flexible and portable that I can run it from anywhere, I can be camping in the summer,sledding in the winter or taking a vacation. But my favourite part is that I am able to make friends and collaborate with other digital business owners from all over the world!
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With this ever changing world I don't have to worry or even leave my home if I don't want to, because of my digital business!
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This business has been a blessing to me and my family. We are able to make memories and travel and just have time and flexibility to be together. I am also so proud of what I have accomplished and to be an example to my family, and leave them some kind of legacy that even after going through hard times, it is possible to overcome and succeed!
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Are you ready to have more in your life? If you are, then you have to do something DIFFERENT! I encourage you to get informed by watching a complimentary info session where we explain exactly what you need to have a digital business and how our platform makes it so easy for ANYONE to do it without being tech savvy. Get the information and make an informed decision to see if this is a good fit for you and your family!
I sure am glad I gave it a chance and saw the potential!
See you on the inside.
Can't wait to help you with your own journey.