Could you help this 72 year old man by buying his .99 download

San Diego, CA
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Could anyone help an older guy out? His name is Sal, and he is 72 years old, he used to be best friends with actor Joe Pesci from the movies.........Sal Villano was partners with Joe Pesci and they cut hair together and had a shop together.........Sal is a barber in Poway now, and I helped him make this CD he sang about San Diego, and they played it at the San Diego Convention Center, and you can get his CD on Amazon as a CD or digital download for only .99 cents.............

Could you be the first one to buy a digital download of Sal's music please? This will totally freak Sal out, I warned him that most likely no one will buy any, but I would love to surprise him, he is such a nice Italian man, please help me help him if you can: Here is a link to it:

Sal is a really nice guy, and he does not have much retirement, and I helped him put this CD together, and it would be just neat if I could show him that someone spent their .99 cents to listen to his song he sang about San Diego, thank you so much!

It would be even super to see someone buy his CD, but the download is only .99 cents, and the CD is $12.99..................if someone bought his CD, that would probably make him feel really really good, and that would be so so cool!!!