How to become a Wine Expert

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Many people enjoy their glass of wine with a meal. Although, more of us are less comfortable knowing which wine to order or buy. Short of taking LOTS of Wine Classes, it can be difficult to learn all there is to know about Wine! Just the cost alone can be daunting when you wish to explore the World of Wine. Even those that “do not like wine” WILL find a wine they truly love given the right exposure! This is where we come in! With this Wine of the Month club, you can earn your wine for FREE! There are also references available to learn more about Wine and the pairings that work best. Whether you love social gatherings or just a glass with dinner, there is something for everyone in this Club! We also have a virtual “get-together” once a week, where you can share a Meal, a Recipe and a Glass! Check out my site and see the show! We hope to See YOU There!