How an overwork director who made 6-figure shift to Online Biz!

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How an overwork program director who was making six-figure is now shift to an ONLINE BUSINESS!

Hello, my name is Mai Nhia, a mother of 6 and a digital business owner & mentor. After working hard for 22 years, I became a program director at a large company. I thought I had my dream job, but eventually, I burned out from working long hours and dealing with the intensity of doing what seemed would be a job meant for three people. I became seriously unhealthy and was quite unhappy. My health became a major issue.

I regretted having spent 22 years working for someone else, making their dream come true and leaving mine out.
When I had carpal tunnel and could not return to work, even after a couple of months of medical leave, I started thinking about what I wanted and who I was. I reflected on what I enjoyed doing and what made me happy. I enjoyed traveling and spending time with the people I loved—my children. That's when I decided to take action. I started my own online business. This has been the best decision I have ever made!

Of course, I was initially afraid of doing something completely new. I had many thoughts and fears:
-Am I able to learn and do something completely different from what I have done in the past 22 years?
-Am I too old to change jobs? Start a new career?
-Is it too late for me to start a business when people have done it for years before me?
-Do I have the money to run my own business?
-I love supporting others to grow in my management job. Will I be able to continue doing that, using skills I've worked so hard to polish?

These fears were normal. I faced them straight on, and over time, my doubts diminished. You might wonder as I did: is it too late to learn something? Let me tell you: the future is moving toward the power of the internet. I aim to help as many people as possible to start online businesses. As an online digital business owner and mentor, I would love to help you on your journey. Perks in this business:

-No experience required
-Work anywhere from your phone, laptop with Wi-Fi connection
-Step by step training
-No selling involved
-Coaching and Mentorship

Let’s be the boss of our own happiness by creating a stress-free work in our own home and live the lifestyle we desire.

What I have now is possible for you too!

Visit my website or connect with me in email and I will send you free information.

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