How Deep Should You Go?

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One of the most important decisions you can make about your pond is the depth. If you plan on having fish or aquatic plants, you need to have a deeper pond area to accommodate growth, ample living space or, in the case of certain plants, if they need less sunlight to thrive.

Small, shallow ponds can heat up quickly in sunlight and produce the ideal conditions for bacteria or algae growth, resulting in dark, murky water. This means you'll have to perform maintenance much more frequently. So, how do you know how deep your pond should be. Ask the pros!

Here's why hiring a company like Laughing Waters Inc. is beneficial:

- Being a design, build AND maintenance company means they can help you craft the best pond for you.
- They can handle ALL maintenance including cleaning, systems repair and chemical balances.
- They know the potential side effects of chemicals and what keeps your pond stable SAFELY.
- Flexible scheduling and affordable pricing.
- Pros deal with ponds of all sizes, depths and systems.
- Industry leading pros with the best solutions for design, build and maintenance issues.

Don't leave your pond in just anyone's hands. Contact your Laughing Waters Pond Maintenance experts at 708.586.2393 or