Why Does Everyone Think They Have a Better Idea Than You?

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Tulsa, OK
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Learn why you should start an online digital business. One that is built for you so you can focus on the creative bits.
Now think about this.
Why do so many people think a business is only about what you sell?
When someone buys a fast food franchise, they aren't worried about the number of sandwiches they have to sell before they ever make any money. If they're buying rental property, they aren't looking at how many drains they might have to clean.
This is “obstacle” thinking. If either of these scenarios are your perspective, you're never going to find a business that works for you. Why can I say that? You aren't thinking big enough.

The answer (you're asking) is Think Big, the Sky's the Limit. One needs to look at the business as a whole and the long-term profit that can come from it.
Now yes, you figure out how many items you sell for X amount to make so much money. Don't forget Cost of Goods Sold and all that other financial stuff.
Another approach to consider, how much do I charge for an item, if 1/3 goes to getting the product to sale, 1/3 goes to the site where I sell it, and I get the remaining 1/3. All things must be equal for me to make a consistent profit.

To ask “what are you selling” is missing the picture. The BIG picture. Do you think Henry Ford started a business to sell cars or did he have a bigger vision of mass-producing cars, realizing and building his dream?
It's about your perspective. And it's that perspective, or lack thereof, that keeps the masses working for someone else. (That and listening to someone else tell you your vision is a pipe dream.)

So when I talk about our business, I want you to think bigger. Think of possibilities. Imagine, for a moment, what you can make of running your own business versus trading your time for money, bolstering the bottom line for someone else. How can you build a strong business by surrounding yourself with mentors and coaches who have the same vision and outlook as you? How can you build a life-long business with a training system that is easy to follow and available to you 'round the clock? I believe you get out of it what you put into it. (Not so much when you're punching a time card. Come on, I know – you may be salaried but when it comes to the end of a week of 12-14 hour days, you're calculating how much they're paying you per hour. It's still trading time for money. Comp time? Rarely on your terms. Rarely in your favor.)
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