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Toronto, ON
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Shower Filter Dechlorinator
SAVE! $10 OFF - SPECIAL $64.99
Limited Time Only. Regular $74.99
Scientists Consider Chlorine One of the Most Toxic
Elements Found in Nature. Yet You Come in Contact With it Everyday...

A Better, Healthier Shower
You deserve healthier water in every aspect of your daily life, not just the
drinking water. Our CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter provides a long lasting
solution to the problems associated with exposure to excessive amounts of
chlorine. Its specially formulated KDF filter media effectively removes 90% or
more of chlorine from shower water. Once in contact with the KDF, chlorine in
the water converts into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble zinc

Because of this superior chlorine removal, you will see changes in the way your
hair and skin feel including

     > Healthier, younger-looking skin
     > Softer, more manageable hair
     > Relief from dry skin & scalp
     > Less fading on color-treated hair

Chlorine is an inorganic substance that chemically bonds to the protein in our
hair and skin, destroying its natural ecological balance. It's fine for removing
stains in your laundry. However, chlorine can leave your hair dry and brittle
and make your skin flaky and itchy. It can also trigger negative reactions in
children, the elderly, and people with chlorine-sensitivity. Studies have shown
that for health reasons it is best to remove chlorine from drinking water. Why
not do the same with our showering water?

Energize Your Shower
CQ-1000 is the only filter to include Crystalline Quartz technology in its media
for an energized shower experience. These specially-cured crystals act upon the
water to create a softer, more energized shower "feel" and improve both
lathering and sudsing. Unlike other dechlorinating shower filters, CQ-1000 is
specifically engineered for efficiency and performance. Its unique filter design
provides the best shower experience available for you and your family.

Quality Throughout
The CQ-1000 comes with the highest quality name brand shower- heads, including
the Whedon* fixed-action showerhead and the Brass Craft Massage shower head.

Our Shower filters come with pop-in replaceable cartridges. These cartridges
install in seconds, last nine to twelve months longer than most other
replaceable cartridges and require no back flushing.

> Installs in Minutes! No special tools or professional help required
> The replacement cartridges are fully recyclable when returned to the

Specially-Formulated Bacteriostatic KDF Media Better chlorine removal than
standard KDF formula

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