1962 -65 complete Shintaro The Samurai dvd set with documentary

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aka onmitsu kenshi aka spy swordsman, this is ALL ten seasons (some sets out there are missing season 1), this also includes the finale feature length movie "detective fencer", also includes the rare australian 2009 tv documentary about the show "shintaro! the samurai sensation that swept a nation" . 44 dvds, menus/episode selection, all in NTSC format. (PAL format available also)


1954, 1955, 1956 samurai trilogy movie starring toshiro mifune as miyamoto musashi

1967 toshiro mifune movie SAMURAI REBELLION

1969 toshiro mifune samurai movie SHINSENGUMI; ASSASSINS OF HONOR

instructional dvd; SAMURAI SWORDMANSHIP by Masayuki Shimabukuro vol 1, 2, 3

………1962 black and white, japanese NINJA flick! all “SHINOBI NO MONO” movies 1 thru 9. movie 1 was made in 1962 thru to movie 9 made in 1970, OLD SCHOOL original ninja movies! credited as having made ninjas infamous. keep in mind these movies are based on ACTUAL historical events and figures, real ninjas, real ninja clans, and real battles. as well they dont feature a bunch of stupid camera tricks, mostly very well done, realistic sequences. high quality production, mature, not like a kids ninja movie, or an american ninja movie, more like a kurusawa samuari classic. english subtitles on all 9 movies.

………but wait i have many more ninja movies…..

the six movies below are from toei movies and are just like the shinobi series, as in well made, old school, ninja flicks, all highly recommended.

…………..THE RED SHADOW dvd 1961 toei

…………..SEVENTEEN NINJA dvd 1963 toei


…………..CASTLE OF OWLS dvd 1963 toei movie.

…………..SENGOKU YARO warring clans dvd 1963.

…………..THE THIRD NINJA dvd 1964 toei movie.

…………..THE NINJA HUNT dvd 1964 toei

………then an even earlier ninja movie called NINJA’S WEAPON dvd from 1956! this is actually in color and its more like “kung fu theatre” was, the ninja in this all have magic powers, lots of camera tricks, basically a fantasy movie, not like the shinobi or toei series.

………and another one like ninjas weapon, this one is from 1957 black and white and even more special effects, magic, and MORE special effects, called “NINJUTSU GOZEN-JIAI” dvd. there is actually more ninjas fighting with magic powers than with weapons in this one.

………then one from 1963 black and white, “KAGEMARU OF THE IGA CLAN” dvd, that falls in between the two above and the classics listed above them, its got lots of special effects etc, but its also got some good straight action and is overall pretty entertaining and solid.

....... 1964 movie DETECTIVE FENCER dvd this is actually the feature length movie from the tv series SHINTARO THE SAMURAI lots of ninja vs samurai action in this movie.

……then a two part classic from 1957 and 1958 starring TOSHIRO MIFUNE as a ninja! YAGYU SECRET SCROLLS 1 and 2. both movies are quality productions and quality ninja/samurai movies. in color by toho studios

...... 1961 classic DRUNKEN SWORD starr utaemon ichikawa, jushiro konoe

...... 1961 classic YAGYU CHRONICLES 1 THE SECRET SCROLLS starr jushiro konoe

...... 1961 classic YAGYU CHRONICLES 2 THE SECRET SWORD starr jushiro konoe

....... 1961 classic ONE EYED SWORDSMAN starring tetsuro tamba

....... 1964 classic serious samurai movie starring ryutaro otomo VANQUISHED FOES dvd toei studios

...... 1964 classic THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI starr tamba tetsuro by master director hideo gosha

....... 1966 equally classic serious samurai movie again with ryutaro otomo 11 SAMURAI dvd toei studios eleven

....... another 1966 classic BLAZING SWORD, realistic sword play in this movie and another serious plot line

...... 1982 remake of the classic NINJA HUNT this is the same story line, a bit updated, every bit as dark and brutal as the original, nothing in it is light or funny. like the original, an awesome movie.

....... 1964 movie THE THIEF IN BLACK dvd ryutaro otomo (great actor!) another superb toei ninja movie

...... 1963 movie ON PATROL dvd hashizo okawa (red shadow star) quality movie, a bit more samurai than ninja

..... 1964 ON PATROL 2 - THE PURPLE KILLER finale to the first movie

...... 1965 movie SAMURAI SPY dvd pretty cool movie with good action scenes and plenty of ninja despite the title being samurai

....... 1964 simply superb movie DOJO CHALLENGERS 1 dvd samurai from nowhere yaburi

....... 196 DOJO CHALLENGERS 2 dvd samurai from somwhere isamu nagato tetsuro tanba

....... 1966 movie GOLDEN NINJA dvd this is more of a comedy actually, and i would say more samurai action than ninja. basically everyone is looking for some lost gold, and action follows but mostly with a comical approach.

the COMPLETE tv series SHINTARO THE SAMURAI dvd set ALL 10 SEASONS, 1962 - 1965, including the tv documentary made in 2009 about the series. (this is a great series, better than zatoicihi and shadow warriors (if you are looking for lots of ninja action and great swordplay).

COMPLETE 1971 tv series EPIC CHUSHINGURA dvd set starring Toshiro Mifune aka 47 ronin

.......... 1965 movie akai shuriken aka THE BLOODY DARTS dvd starring ichikawa raizo

.......... 1964 movie REVENGE dvd starring nakamura kinnosuke, tanba tetsuro

.......... 1968 first two episodes of 5 FREELANCE SAMURAI dvd starring toshiro mifune

.......... complete SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH dvd set starring ichikawa raizo and matsukata hiroki ALL 14 MOVIES

.......... 1964 movie THE GREAT KILLING dvd starr satomi kotaro and otomo ryutaro

........ 1965 movie SWORD OF DOOM dvd starring toshiro mifune tatsuya nakadai

........ 1966 movie THE BETRAYAL dvd starring ichikawa raizo

........ 1960 movie MIGHTY SHOSUKE dvd starring otomo ryutaro

........ 1961 movie FESTIVAL OF SWORDSMAN dvd starring otomo ryutaro

........ 1963 movie DUAL OF BLOOD AND SAND dvd otomo ryutaro, konoe jushiro

....... 1963 movie BRAVE RONINI dvd ichikawa utaemon dl

........ 1961 movie SAMURAI HAWK dvd ichikawa utaemon dl

........ 1961 movie SPEAR OF HEROISM dvd konoe jushiro dl


…………..the next two are some later, but classics as well, although these two have a bit more “kung fu theatre” elements in them;

1980 sonny chiba classic SHOGUN’S NINJA dvd

1980 SHADOW WARRIORS the movie, which came before series and not even remotely similar to the series (below)

………lastly THE SHADOW WARRIORS tv series seasons 1, 2, and 3. a 1980 japanese tv series about ninjas 15/16th century starring Sonny Chiba as the legendary ninja Hattori Hanzo. its very well done, excellent story line, good acting. it has great sword fights in every episode. this is sort of the precursor to the american craze. it falls somewhere in between the shinobi classics and the american 80s movies, elements of both, the well done japanese style with just a little of the guilty pleasure american movies from the 80s. sho kusogi definitely borrowed elements from this series.