CGC graded comic books, most 9.4-9.8

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    1 month ago
Nokomis, FL
Member since June 16, 2011
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Here's my CGC professionally graded comic books for sale. Prices START at $25. Some will have some "spots/pools" on the front and/or back where the different plastic inner encasement and outer case may touch, a.k.a. "Newton's rings/pools". There is no liquid present, or anything that can damage your book, and the 'pools' are not touching the comic. No returns due to this effect, and pics and scans likely won't show them very well, so ask. They pretty much have fixed this problem, so my newest ones don't have it, BUT, some have some scuffs dots/streaks here and there, but not worth sending back to reholder. Most look fine straight on. I have scans of all and can email larger ones.

-(2) Daredevil #260, 9.6. Typhoid Mary appearance. REDUCED, were $40 ea., now...$35 ea.
-Fantastic Four #347, 9.6. First new FF team of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider...$40
-Ghost Rider #31 9.8, 1st Midnight Sons as team...$90
-(3) Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #1, rarer newsstand editions. All got 9.6, 2 should have been easy 9.8...$40-$60
-Guardians of the Galaxy #5 9.8, 2013 series, 1st Angela in Marvel Universe...100
-Invincible Iron Man #1, 9.6. First Riri Williams as Ironheart, on cover. She'll be in her own Disney+ series in 2025. Selling at a loss now...$50
-Marvels #2 & 3 (of 4). 1994 Alex Ross painted mini-series. both 9.6...$35 each.
-Spider-Man 2099 #1, 9.4. 1992 series. Easy 9.8 outside, w/white pages, but harshly downgraded for supposed 'tanning interior cover', which is very light. Had it graded twice too. Selling at my cost due to having it graded twice...$70
-Spider-Verse #1, July 2015, so second series. 9.8...$70
-Star Wars #99, 9.4. 1977 series, newsstand edition...$60
-(3) Uncanny X-Men #1, 9.8. From 1994, was a 16 page insert comic from Pro Action magazine. New story, out of continuity. Callisto, Morlocks appearance, plus pro football players. Comes with the 8 premium trading cards insert, 4 X-Men, 4 football players. FEW graded...$120 ea., or two for $200
-Venom: Carnage Unleashed #1, 9.8...$80

-Batman Special Edition #1 9.6. Free Comic Book Day, 2021. Preview of Fear State story. At grading cost...$25
-1988 Black Orchid #1-3 set, all 9.8. Batman guest stars...$150
-Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, 1985 series. 9.6, should've been easy 9.8, but no graders notes...$55
-DC 52 Week 12, 9.6. 1st new Isis, as seen in the Black Adam movie...$35
-Green Lantern #195, 9.8. Guy Gardner becomes a full time GL...$180
-Green Lantern #0 9.8, 2012. Simon Baz origin and 1st appearance in continuity. REDUCED! Was $80, now...$70
-Green Lantern #20, 2011 series. 2 copies, 9.8, and 9.6. First mention of Jessica Cruz by name, no face shown. 9.8 is ...$70. 9.6 is...$35
-Justice League #31, 9.8. First full appearance of Jessica Cruz...$140
(2) Justice League Quarterly #13, 9.8. Rarer newsstand editions. Joseph Linsner cover...$60 ea.
-Justice League Special Edition #1. 9.8. The ONLY 9.8, and highest graded of only 4 copies. Exclusive Walmart 2016 reprint of the -2011 New 52 JL #1, with slight cover differences...$150
-Kingdom Come #2, harshly graded at 9.6. Movie may be in the works...$50
-(2) Nolan Ryan in The Winning Pitch, 9.8 & 9.6. A 1992 cereal mail-in. I have the ONLY 9.8, and only 5 graded copies total in census...$225. 9.6...$90
-Shadow #7, 9.6 (1987, Marshall Rogers B&W cover). The only 9.6, and only 1 graded higher. REDUCED! Was $36, now...$30
-Star Trek Next Generation #75, 9.8, cover painting by Sonia R. Hillios and signed by her, has green Qualified label (means signature was not witnessed by CGC, but I guarantee it's genuine). Only 1 graded so far. Get a signed raw copy too!..$70
-Star Trek Next Generation Special #2 (another Hillios painted cover) 9.8, the only graded copy. NOT signed...$50

Image, Independents:
-(3) Devil's Reign #1/2, all 9.8. Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Witchblade team-up. REDUCED! Were $80 ea., $225 for all 3, now $70 ea. all 3 for $195
-Gen 13 #3 (1st reg. series), 9.8...$45
-John Byrne's Next Men #1, Vol. 1, 9.8...$50, plus a free raw copy.
-Shadowman #1, 9.6. Vol. 1, 1992 Valiant comics. At my cost since not 9.8...$66

-(2) Golden Anniversary of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs magazines, from Gladstone, 1987, with stickers and posters intact. Both are 9.8, highest 2 in census. 1 case got cracked a little in a corner, no damage to mag, case has no looseness. Better one is...$180
Cracked case one is...$125.

See my other non-comic CGC magazines in my other CGC ad.

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