NBA All-Star Games, Slam Dunk, 3-point Contest DVDs

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2022 All-Star in Cleveland (2-20-22) Team Lebron 163-160 Team Durant (Steph Curry MVP)

2022 Slam Dunk (2-19-22) Obi Toppin wins

2022 (2-19-22) 3 Point Contest won by Karl Anthony Towns and Skills Competition won by Team Cavs

2021 All Star Game in Atlanta Team Lebron 170-150 Team Durant (MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo)

2021 All Star Sunday Night 3 pt winner- Steph Curry

Slam Dunk winner Anfernee Simons

Skills Challenge- Domntas Sabonis

2020 All-Star in Chicago (2-16-20) Team Lebron 157-155 Team Giannis (MVP Kwame Leonard)

2020 All-Star Saturday (2-15-20) (Skills Challenge: Bam Adebayo, 3 pt. Challenge: Buddy Hield, Slam Dunk: Derrick Jones, Jr.)

2019 All-Star Game in Charlotte (2-17-19) Team Lebron 178-176 Team Giannis (Kevin Durant MVP)

2019 (2-16-19) Skills- Jayson Tatum, 3 point- Joe Harris, Slam Dunk- Hamidou Diallo

2018 NBA All-Star Game in LA Team Lebron 148-145 Team Stephon (MVP Lebron James)

2018 Slam Dunk Donovan Mitchell wins

2018 3-point Contest Devin Booker wins

2017 All-Star game in New Orleans East 182-192 West (Anthony Davis MVP 51 pts, 10 reb)

2017 Skills- Prozingas, 3 point Contest- Eric Gordon, Slam Dunk- Glenn Robinson III

2016 NBA All-Star game in Toronto West 196-173 East (MVP Russell Westbrook; both teams break the all-time scoring mark)

2016 All-Star Saturday Night (2-13-16) Skills (Karl Anthony Towns), 3 point (Jlay Thompson), Slam Dunk (Zach LaVine)

2015 All-Star in New York (2-15-15) West 163-158 East (Russel Westbrook MVP 41 pts)

2015 Slam Dunk- Zach Lavine

2015 3-point- Steph Curry with 27 points

2014 All-Star in New Orleans East 163-155 West (Kyrie Irving MVP)

2014 Slam Dunk- East defeats West (John Wall named outstanding Dunker)

2014 3-point contest- Marco Belinelli wins

2013 All-Star in Houston (Chris Paul MVP 20 pts, 15 ast) East 138-143 West

2013 Slam Dunk- Terence Ross wins

2013 3-pt Contest- Kryie Irving wins

2012 All-Star in Orlando (Kevin Durant MVP 36 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast) West 152-149 East

2012 Slam Dunk- Jeremy Evans wins

2012 3-pt Contest- Kevin Love wins

2011 All-Star in LA East 140-146 West (Kobe Bryant MVP 37 pts, 14 reb, 3 ast; Lebron 29 pts, 12 reb, 10 ast)

2011 Slam Dunk in LA, Blake Griffin wins (also available separately: 2007 High School Slam Dunk won by Blake Griffin (Michael Beasley participated) re-broadcast and missing first few minutes, but includes all of Griffin's and Beasley's dunks)

2011 3-point contest in LA, James Jones wins

2010 All-Star in Dallas East 141-139 West (MVP Dwayne Wade 28 pts, 11 ast, 5 stl; pixelates every 5 minutes for a half second)

2010 Slam Dunk in Dallas Nate Robinson defeats Derozan (3rd title for Nate) pixelates every 5 minutes for a half second

2010 3-Point Contest in Dallas Paul Pierce defeats Stephan Curry and Chauncey Billups (pixelates every 5 minutes for a half second)
2009 All-Star in Phoenix West 146-119 East (Kobe and Shaquille O'Neal co-MVPs) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2009 3-pt. contest and Slam Dunk, Daquan Cook def. Rashard Lewis in 3-pt and Nate Robinson def. Dwight Howard in Slam Dunk (NBA TV Re-Broadcast) separate dvds

2008 All-Star in New Orleans East 132-128 (Lebron MVP 27 pts, Ray Allen 28 pts, 14 in the 4th quarter) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2008 Slam Dunk in New Orleans, Dwight Howard defeats Gerald Green (NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2007 All-Star in Las Vegas West 153-132 East (Kobe MVP, 31 pts, 5 reb, 6 ast, 4 stl, 1 blk) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2007 Slam Dunk in Las Vegas, Gerald Green defeats Nate Robinson (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

2006 All-Star in Houston East 122-120 West (Lebron MVP, 29 pts, 6 reb) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2006 Slam Dunk in Houston, Nate Robinson defeats Andre Iguodala (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

2005 All-Star in Denver East 125-115 West (Allen Iverson MVP, 15 pts, 4 reb, 9 ast, 5 stl) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2005 Slam Dunk in Denver, Josh Smith defeats Amare Stoudamire (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

2004 All-Star in Los Angeles West 136-132 East (Shaquille O'Neal MVP, 24 pts, 11 reb, 2 blk) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2004 Slam Dunk in Los Angeles, Fred Jones (re-broadcast)

2003 All-Star in Atlanta West 155-145 East 2OT (Jordan's last All-Star game) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2003 Slam Dunk in Atlanta, Jason Richardson wins (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

2002 All-Star in Philadelphia West 135-120 East (Kobe scores 31) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2002 Slam Dunk in Philadelphia, Jason Richardson (re-broadcast)

2001 NBA All-Star in Washington D.C. East 111-110 West (Allen Iverson MVP) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

2001 Slam Dunk in Washington D.C., Desmond Mason (re-broadcast)

2000 Slam Dunk in Oakland, Vince Carter wins (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

1998 All-Star in New York East 135-114 West (Michael Jordan MVP, 23 pts, 6 reb, 8 ast, 3 stl) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1997 All-Star in Cleveland East 132-120 West (Glen Rice 26 points) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1997 Slam Dunk in Cleveland, Kobe Bryant (re-broadcast)

1996 All-Star in San Antonio East 129-118 West (Jordan 20 pts. and MVP) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1996 Slam Dunk in San Antonio, Brent Barry (re-broadcast)

1995 All-Star in Phoenix West 139-112 East (Mitch Richmond MVP) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1995 Slam Dunk in Phoenix, Harold Miner (re-broadcast)

1994 All-Star in Minneapolis East 127-118 West (Scottie Pippen MVP, 24 pts, 11 reb, 4 stl)

1994 Slam Dunk in Minneapolis, Isiah Rider (Re-broadcast)

1993 All-Star Game @ Salt Lake City West 135-132 OT East (Karl Malone and John Stockton co-MVP) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1993 Slam Dunk in Salt Lake City, Harold Miner (Re-broadcast)

1992 All-Star in Orlando West 153-113 East (Magic Johnson MVP, 25 pts, 5 reb, 9 ast) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1992 Slam Dunk in Orlando, Cedric Ceballos (Re-broadcast)

1991 All-Star in Charlotte East 116-114 West (Charles Barkley MVP, 17 pts, 22 reb, 4 ast) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1991 Slam Dunk in Charlotte, Dee Brown wins (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

1990 All-Star in Miami East 130-113 West (Magic Johnson MVP 22 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1990 Slam Dunk in Miami, Dominique Wilkins (Re-broadcast)

1989 All-Star in Houston West 143-134 East (KArl Malone MVP, 28 pts, 9 reb) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1989 Slam Dunk in Houston, Kenny Walker (Re-broadcast)

1988 All-Star in Chicago East 138-133 West (Jordan MVP 40 pts, 8 reb, 3 ast, 4 stl, 4 blk)

1988 Slam Dunk in Chicago, Michael Jordan defeats Dominique Wilkins (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

1988 3-point Contest in Chicago Larry Bird defeats Dale Ellis 17-15 for his 3rd consecutive title (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

1987 All-Star in Seattle West 154-149 East (Tom Chambers MVP 34 pts) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1987 Slam Dunk in Seattle, Michael Jordan defeats Dominique Wilkins (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

1986 All-Star in Dallas East 139-132 West (Isiah Thomas MVP, 30 pts, 10 ast, 5 stl) re-broadcast

1986 Slam Dunk in Dallas, Spud Webb defeats Dominique Wilkins (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

1985 All-Star in Indianapolis West 140-129 East (Ralph Sampson 24 pts, 10 reb and MVP; Michael Jordan's 1st All-Star game) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1985 Slam Dunk in Indianapolis, Dominique Wilkins defeats Michael Jordan (NBA TV Re-Broadcast)

1984 All-Star in Denver East 154-145 OT West (Isiah Thomas MVP, 21 pts, 5 reb, 15 ast, 4 stl) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1984 Slam Dunk in Denver, Larry Nance defeats Dr. J (15 min.) NBA TV Re-Broadcast) with the 1976 ABA Slam Dunk in Denver, Dr. J wins (15 min.)

1982 All-Star in East Rutherford, NJ East 120-118 West (Larry Bird MVP, 19 pts, 12 reb, 5 ast) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1981 All-Star in Cleveland East 123-120 West (Tiny Archibald MVP, 9 pts, 9 ast) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1980 All-Star in Landover, MD East 144-136 OT West (George Gervin 34 pts, 10 reb) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1979 All-Star in Detroit West 134-129 East (David Thompson MVP)

1978 All-Star in Atlanta East 133-125 West (Randy Smith MVP, 27 pts) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1977 All-Star in Milwaukee East 124-125 West (Dr. J and Bob McAdoo 30 pts each; 1st All-Star after the NBA-ABA merger) re-broadcast

1976 All-Star in Philadelphia East 123-109 West (David Bing MVP, 16 pts) re-broadcast

1975 All-Star in Phoenix East 108-102 West (Walt Frazier MVP, 30 pts) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1973 All-Star in Chicago East 104-84 West (Dave Cowens MVP, 15 pts, 13 reb) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1972 All-Star in Los Angeles West 112-110 East (Jerry West MVP, 13 pts including buzzer beater) NBA TV Re-Broadcast

1962 All-Star in St. Louis East 130-150 West (Bob Pettit wins his record 4th All-Star MVP) 30 minute re-broadcast