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Towel Rack - Country-cottage-style
Towel Rack - Country-cottage-style Asking $8.50
Kanata, ON
This is a charming little towel holder for your kitchen or bathroom. Cute rustic 'cottage' style. 2 pegs. Ideal for compact spaces or to complete the décor in a country cottage-style space. Made of wood ...
Posted 1 month ago
Genuine “Playboy Club” cocktail glasses (set of 2)
Genuine vintage Playboy Club glasses, with Playboy’s signature logo, the “Playboy Bunny” girl offering the Club Key…. Straight from the “seventies”… Purchased new at the Playboy Club in Hollywood, CA approx. 1979-1980, and saved as ...
Posted 1 month ago
Bed / Reading / Task Lamp (Hi-intensity, compact)
High intensity adjustable bed/reading/task lamp This compact yet powerful lamp has an adjustable clamp that will fit bed headboards, shelves or other furniture edges or virtually any surface 2-4 cm thick. Use it virtually anywhere ...
Posted 1 month ago
Tea-light / Votive Lantern (Indoor/Outdoor)
This lantern provides a beautiful way to burn your candles safely. Takes tea-lights or votive candles. Use outdoors with citronella tea-lites! The glass panels on the hexagon sides are engraved in a star pattern complementing ...
Posted 1 month ago
Special Effects / Party / Accent Lamp
Ideal for special effects/party use or as a base for DIY/craft project (make your own shade) This classic sculpted plaster lamp-base, finished in semi-gloss black lacquer, takes a up to a 60-watt incandescent bulb or ...
Posted 1 month ago
Ceramic 'martini' coasters - high quality (set of 4)
A very nice set of 4 quality ceramic coasters with a 'martini'/olive theme Green & black accent colours Shiny polished ceramic - easy for cleaning, very durable Little feet protect the surface underneath from scratches ...
Posted 1 month ago
Stiletto Jewelry / Trinket Holder
Stiletto Jewelry / Trinket Holder Asking $14.50
Kanata, ON
Beautiful “high-heel shoe” jewelry holder/organizer/display/rack. Lovely detailing in this ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, or other small jewelry rack with individual hanging spots for up to 11 items, plus the oval black base doubles as a ...
Posted 1 month ago
Remember O-Town? Set of 2 Autographed Prints
This set of two reproductions of charcoal sketches of the band “O-Town” have attached white mattes which have been autographed by the band members. I can certify that the signatures are genuine as they were ...
Posted 1 month ago
Rare Rothammer Carving “Mennonite Jaunt” 1976
This is a highest-quality casting reproduction of an original wood-carving in Walnut wood, by Karl Rothammer, “one of North America’s finest wood sculptors”. Individually hand finished, no two are exactly alike. This is believed to ...
Posted 1 month ago
Wood Carving “He Scores” by Kim Murray
This is a limited edition relief carving reproduction with Certificate of Authenticity (COA) on the back, Individually hand finished, no two are exactly alike. This was a one-time 90-day casting production, now closed. Hockey fans ...
Posted 1 month ago

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