Tiny Homes and Off Grid Supplies

We provide a huge variety of Tiny Homes along with critical 'lights out' or off grid items to help you live without relying on traditional power and energy.
LIFE STRAW...For Grid Down Situations.  You need clean water!
If the grid went down, your inside running water will stop. It is all powered by electric. Now what? With a Life Straw, you can find just about any source of water, even a dirty ...
Posted 3 days ago
90% OFF COLLEGE BOOKS!  Why are you paying full price???
Why pay full price for your college books? They are so insanely expensive, there must be other options... 90% off of your books AND you can sell the ones you have for extra money! Copy ...
Posted 2 days ago
STOP TAKING DRUGS! Heal yourself with Food and Movement.
Did you know that you can reverse literally dozens of conditions by simply switching food choices and moving your body? Your doctor gives you a prescription which in turn, causes side effects which gets your ...
Posted 2 days ago
THE TOP RATED HIKING BOOTS...That can save your life!
If you are planning a hiking trip then take note of these awesome boots rated in the top 5 for 2019 and for good reason... Salomon Ultra GTX Hiking Boots. Specifically designed to keep your ...
Posted 2 days ago
THE PERFECT DOG HOUSE~~~~If you really care about your pooch
You love your pooch so make sure they are safe when outside. This is a wonderful dog house as it is water resistant, has ventilation and is adjustable. Remember, your pets bring you so much ...
Posted 2 days ago
Automatic Ball Launcher: PERFECT FOR YOUR ACTIVE DOG
Have you ever played catch with your happy and hyper dog only to find out that he NEVER GETS TIRED? Now you can put your arm down and flip a switch and really wear your ...
Posted 2 days ago
SURVIVAL AND LIVING OFF GRID-Manuel from Beginners to Advanced
When you are thinking about living off the grid or even getting prepared for any emergency, power down scenario, then this is a critical guide to consider. There are dozens of situations that you may ...
Posted 2 days ago
ANXIETY JACKET Your Dog Looks to YOU for Security.
Your dog is your friend and comforter. He brings you so much happiness but he can get pretty stressed out as well. You are the one he looks to for his own safety and comfort. ...
Posted 2 days ago
PERSONAL SECURITY ALARM-6 PK. Activate with a Quick Chain Pull!
PERSONAL SECURITY ALARM The best way to protect yourself and your family is to be prepared. Having a personal security alarm for each family member could possibly save your life. Set of 6 for your ...
Posted 2 days ago
The Affordable and State of the Art DRONE...NOW AVAILABLE!!!
Check it out, one of the newest Drones and most sought after: DJI Phantom Quadcopter See all specifics by copying and pasting link below: //amzn.to/2RA3sDV *We may receive a small commission from provided affiliate link
Posted 2 days ago

In these critical times, having other means of survival rather then traditional energy and foods sources may actual be life saving.
Always be prepared for the unexpected.