Tiny Homes and Off Grid Supplies

We provide a huge variety of Tiny Homes along with critical 'lights out' or off grid items to help you live without relying on traditional power and energy.
A Tiny House is actually cheaper then buying a car!
TINY HOMES...THE FUTURE OF VERY AFFORDABLE HOUSING. The Allwood Arlanda 273 Square feet. Front height of structure 8’6”/Roof pitch 2 degrees Very contemporary with large windows and suitable for situations where the basic cabin style ...
Posted 1 week ago
TINY HOUSE- The new and most affordable trend in travel!
TINY HOMES...THE FUTURE OF VERY AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Whether you are looking to find affordable housing or simply have vacation property and would like to erect a home or cabin, then this is definitely the way ...
Posted 1 week ago
Stop using Chemicals and ZAP THOSE FLYING PESTS!!!  A MUST HAVE
You can actually have a nice dinner party without swatting those nasty gnats away from your eyes and up your nose! How about serving a dish to guest only to find a fly doing laps ...
Posted 3 weeks ago

In these critical times, having other means of survival rather then traditional energy and foods sources may actual be life saving.
Always be prepared for the unexpected.