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Hi and welcome to Addisons Book Heaven

We Sell New and Used items including but not limited to books clothes and DVDs
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We rate our items on a scale of 1-10

(10) being mint condition with no damage or defects or stains

(1) being damaged in multiple spots on the item, missing dust cover, deep scratches or scuffs in rear or cover, stains

We provide a very accurate and detailed description of are overall examination of each item we sell we provide a full statement of any damage or imperfections in a product no matter how minor so buy with confidence you will receive the exact product you purchase to the detail

We offer a 5-day return policy with no questions asked for store credit no cash refunds on returns ONLY STORE CREDIT

Seller pays return shipping in full on return and new purchase

Return also ARE accepted via pick up / drop off with no fees

Hello just want to take a minute to give you some background on are business we started Addison's Book Heaven in 2016 in memory of are beautiful daughter and sister who tragically passed away from complications after receiving a blood transfusion to restore her hemoglobin levels her passing had a huge impact on my wife and myself as well as Addison's 2 sisters and 1 brother.

During this ordeal we spent a good amount of our lives at the sick kids hospital in Mississauga Ontario Canada and in Toronto Ontario Canada during our stay we found the help, service, cleanliness, professionalism, and support to be second to none

We sat down as a family and thought what we could do to give back to organization's that's were there for us as well as honor Addison's name and we were thinking about the enjoyment we all as a family got when we would sit down and read to Addison the kids would pick books to bring from our home library it was heart warming to me and the wife to watch the excitement the kids would get in wanting to read a particular book to there sister they would talk about it the entire day till we got there.

We started buying up all the new books we could from warehouses and book stores often at discount prices or free once the cause of are project was reveled and now we pass the savings on to you the buyer who get to buy brand new unread soft and hardcover books and other accessories and odds and ends for a fraction of the MSRP

We donate 10-25% of are profits (varies based on what we paid for item) to local children charity's mainly sick kids Toronto so please support this charity so these essential services can continue to be improved and offered to children and their families in need all around the world