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Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispenser BY BOL7
Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispenser BY BOL7 Asking $100.00
Bellerose Terrace, NY
As you know the painful harmful germs are almost live everywhere & create infectious diseases. But the usage of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser helps the people to spread from dangerous bacteria and their infections near ...
Posted 10 hours ago
Anti-Aging Cream
Anti-Aging Cream Asking $115.00
Norcross, GA
Conclusion on Anti-Aging It is the Best Anti-Aging Product that will help Remove your Wrinkles, Crow Eyes, and Sagging Neck Line. This is the Best Anti-Aging Product out there. It is very good for that ...
Posted 21 hours ago
Buy pain pills for sell without prescription
Buy pain pills for sell without prescription Asking $300.00
Firestone Park, CA
Buy roxicodone , Adderall, Percocet,Xanax, ritalin, ketamine,nubain,tramadol, Text (985) 886-8832 WhatsApp:+33755958457
Posted 1 day ago
Adjustable Height Shower Chair
Adjustable Height Shower Chair Asking $20.00
Madill, OK
Adjustable Height Shower Chair. Do not need in anymore. The apartment that I live in has a built in one. I am asking $20.00 for it. Just like knew, ever hardly used, only a couple ...
Posted 1 day ago
Anti-Wrinkle Cream Asking $120.00
Norcross, GA
Remove Wrinkles – Reverse Age your Skin When you look into the mirror and see those signs of aging and wrinkles. We have found a way to get rid of them. It is called Instant ...
Posted 2 days ago
Blue Scorpion Venom
Blue Scorpion Venom Asking $120.00
Norcross, GA
It is the Best Anti-Aging Product that will help Remove your Wrinkles, Crow Eyes, and Sagging Neck Line. This is the Best Anti-Aging Product out there. It is very good for that youthful-looking face again. ...
Posted 3 days ago
Get Ready for MIPS 2020 Plan of Action!
Our QPP MIPS 2020 plan of action is ready to serve physicians with their incentive payment model participation. Build your reputation and fill your bank accounts with the quality healthcare services. QPP MIPS participation is ...
Posted 5 days ago
Cold One Therapy Wraps at very affordable price
Hot Cold Therapy Wraps provide effective relief of the swelling, arch and heel pain and our wraps are perfect for your back and shoulder. But these products from us at very affordable price. Visit this ...
Posted 6 days ago
How To Extend Your Lifespan and Stay Health
HOW TO EXTEND YOUR LIFESPAN For you to understand this and see where I am coming from I have to tell you a little about myself and my life of 83 years till today. I ...
Posted 1 week ago
Enjoy our bath products designed to hydrate, nourish, and refresh your skin. We have bath bombs, shower jellies, body washes, and fragrance mists. In addition, we have bubbling foot baths, soaps, and salt body scrubs. ...
Posted 1 week ago
Mental Healthcare And Wellness Center
Mental Healthcare And Wellness Center Asking $100.00
Birmingham, AL
Crestline Rx Pharmacy is a new generation of pharmacy that offers a greater level of customer choice and convenience. We function like any other traditional pharmacy but extend our service to all communities across the ...
Posted 1 week ago
South Florida Top Chiropractors For Injury And Accident Care
Individuals and families who are in search of a trained chiropractor in Coral Springs, Hollywood, Tamarac, or Pompano Beach, Florida can call Back to Mind Chiropractic to make an appointment. Our offices are staffed by ...
Posted 1 week ago
MIPS 2020 – A Way to Address Revenue Concerns
Streamline your finances with us – The MIPS Qualified Registry. We have a dedicated team that specializes in MIPS data submission for four years now. From segmenting appropriate data to compile information to depict the ...
Posted 1 week ago
Jay, The Famous Gym Trainer
Jay, The Famous Gym Trainer Asking $25.00
Manhattan, NY
This is about, On the Cuomo / Tappan Zee Bridge jogging from Rockland to Westchester County. We out here staying Consistent with our workout. Hope I motivated someone to do the same. Your hard work ...
Posted 1 week ago
Earn up to 6% Incentives with MIPS 2020
Eligible Clinicians! Invest in your future today and earn up to 6% incentives in the payment year of QPP MIPS 2020. CMS rewards if you perform exceptionally well and deliver quality healthcare services to patients. ...
Posted 1 week ago
Expand Your Revenue Opportunities with QPP MIPS 2020
QPP MIPS 2020 is the opportunity to gain margins over the quality healthcare service. Relying merely on reimbursements can dent clinicians’ revenue cycle management. Especially, in the time of the global pandemic, payment models are ...
Posted 1 week ago
Miracle Weight Loss Coffee!
Miracle Weight Loss Coffee! Asking $60.00
North Port, FL
This Coffee is working miracles for everyone we know. You can lose 10 to 20 lbs in a month by simply drinking 1-2 cups of this COFFEE daily. Losing weight has never been easier because ...
Posted 1 week ago
COVID-19 Outbreak Updates
COVID-19 Outbreak Updates Asking $1.00
Manhattan, NY
The goal of this project is to provide a simple, interactive way to visualize the impact of COVID-19. We wanted people to be able to see this as something that brings us all together. It's ...
Posted 1 week ago
Get Up to 6% Incentives in MIPS 2020
Ever thought, what benefits your medical practice can get if you receive up to 6% incentives in QPP MIPS 2020? We can help you get there with accurate data submission to CMS. ` All you ...
Posted 2 weeks ago
If you Live with Chronic Pain, we have a Solution!
Many of us Live with Chronic Pain of some kind or another! But I’ve been introduced to a solution and started the regimen for myself! At first, I did not notice a huge difference, but ...
Posted 2 weeks ago