Is Reverse Osmosis For You?

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It’s touted as being good for you but can this possibly be true?

Reverse osmosis is an advanced water purification system originally developed by the U.S. Navy to turn seawater into drinking water for submarine crews. It forces water under pressure into a series of membranes that sift out harmful byproducts or bacteria. Reverse osmosis does an incredible job of filtering chloramines out as well.

The fact is, when you use an advanced water filtration system such as the ProEcoLife Pel75, it doesn’t rely on a single reverse osmosis membrane but MANY layers of protection. The Pel75 has nine layers of purification to deliver the cleanest water possible. With a reverse osmosis membrane, shungite filter, mineral filter, ionizer, infra-red, UV filter and more, you are not leaving any room for harsh chemicals or bacteria to linger.

So many of your inner systems can do amazing things such as protection and healing if they simply are well hydrated with CLEAN water.

You wouldn’t put dirty oil in a pristine engine, would you? Your body deserves refreshing, clean water.

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