Milestone 3 - RECOVERY

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Milestone 3 House for the final phase of the program...

During the RECOVER milestone the residents will be begin to make their program a part of them. To this point they have learned and implemented this program and now they will master it. At this point they have been provided the tools and resources to sustain long-term recovery and they will prove to themselves and others that they can RECOVER! They will also mentor others in earlier milestones in the program and be a leader in the community. They will now be allowed to have approved overnight visits away from the property and prove that when they are away that their program is strong and they have the ability to stay sober under different circumstances.

All advancements are discussed and approved by staff and have no time limits, everyone is different. The residents will track their own progress with support from staff and be able to see the body of work they have put in as they go.

Overnight passes granted

Master positive thinking as it relates to recovery and life goals

12-step engagement goal met

Actively practicing life skills work

Long-term goals

Relapse prevention

Overview: The Milestone 3 House is a new house acquired by LTL that is used for the residents that have completed Milestone’s 1 and 2 and are ready for the next step. The house is over 4,000 sq ft with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The house is complete with a state of the art kitchen, 3 full living room spaces, 3 singles, 3 doubles, and full size beds. It has been beautifully remodeled recently and ready to house up to 8 LTL residents in its currently configuration. Milestone 3 (Recover) is where the rubber meetings the road. To this point LTL staff has provided the schedule and structure and now it’s the residents turn to prove independence in the next step of their recovery.


Residents must first complete Milestone’s 1 and 2.

6 months of sobriety (minimum)

Residents must have transportation.

Residents must be employed, in school, or volunteering more than 30 hours a week.

Residents must attend 5 recovery meetings per week.

Residents must submit to weekly drug testing and breathalyzing.

Residents must meet with their case manager once a week.

Residents attend groups or activities at the main house when off work or school. Residents must follow all house and program rules.

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