A Better Day In Every Cup

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A Better Day In Every Cup… it isn’t simply a motto but a lifestyle.

The Coffee

Living Good has triple-patented a Healthy Roast process that takes the antioxidants lost during a typical roasting process and carefully meters them back in at the end without affecting taste or aroma. This means you get the amazing health benefits and your brew still tastes rich and flavorful.

This makes our Superb Antioxidant Coffee one of the world’s first certified healthy coffees!

100% USDA Organic

Our coffee doesn't use harmful pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals that can wind up in water supplies or saturating the soil resulting in sick humans, animals and dying foliage. We put the world first and do NOT believe in harming landscapes in order to mass produce a product.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Our Living Good Coffee plantation is proud to be Rainforest Alliance Certified as part of our commitment to protect workers, communities, wildlife and the environment.

Giving Back

Aside from all of our work with preserving forests, wildlife and world economies, we also partner with charitable organizations that help children and families; endeavors that make a difference where you work and live each and every day.

Through our process and actions we drive positive change and protection for workers, communities and the environment. You can say it definitely is a better day in every cup! Contact our Living Good Coffee specialists at 312.998.9800 to find out how you can get your hands on TRUE healthy coffee. Cheers!