How To Extend Your Lifespan and Stay Health

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Norcross, GA
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For you to understand this and see where I am coming from I have to tell you a little about myself and my life of 83 years till today. I was born in Massachusetts in 1936 at St. Lawrence Hospital just outside of Boston. I was the first-born son to Donald and Mabel Raposo. I now have two younger brothers.

My mother passed away with Acute Leukemia at the age of 44. My Dad passed away at 87 with Alzheimer’s Disease. In 1952 my Dad moved the family to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia where he worked for Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) and I went to a private school at Montana Instuit in Zugerberg, Switzerland.

I was always a thin boy, but very healthy. When my father passed away with Alzheimer I was concerned about my health in my old age. I had a friend that is a Doctor and I ask him if there was anything out there that may prevent me from getting Alzheimer’s. He told about Omega-3 Fatty Fish Oil and suggested I start taking it. He said it was good for the brain, eyes, and heart even though nothing had been proven about it.

I started taking 5000 to 6000MG every day and have been doing it for over thirty years now. I believe it is like a lubricant for our bodies. I have no memory problems, heart problems, or eye problems at 83-year-old. Then back in 1999, I met a gentleman that told me about a product that had scientifically proven that it would help your immune system be stronger and provide the nutrition that everyone needs every day because of the inadequacy in our food that we eat today. And this would provide you with the proper good food to supplement what we are missing every day. I have been taking that for over twenty-one years now and I research the science that was behind it and believe it has helped me stay healthy to this day.

A few months I read a book that my cousin recommend me reading. It is called “Lifespan” by David A. Sinclair PhD from Harvard University in Boston. The first half of the book is very technical and most people wouldn’t understand it, but the second half he tells us that old age is a disease and that they that can alter the aging process by changing our genes with the products he recommends in his book. I order these products from Amazon and have been on them for a few months and I can feel a difference already. He is saying in the next few years we are going to have products that can increase your healthy lifespan by years, and we should be able to live healthier to our old age of 100 – 120 years old by changing our cells and slowing down the aging process.

Donald J. Raposo
The book is “Lifespan” by “Dr. David A. Sinclair” and can be bought on and it ran less than $20..

The products that Dr. Paul Sinclair recommends can be purchased on Amazon they are:

Resveratrol 500 MG Twice a day.

Trimethylglycine 500MG once a day

Truniagen 300 MG once a day.

At Walmart:

The Omega 3 Fatty Fish Oil 2000 MG take 3 a day — around $16.00 a bottle

The Food Supplement I have been taking for twenty-one years

JUST CLICK HERE AND WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE SCIENCE OF IT. If you want to get involved with it call me anytime at 404 271-8391 EST

Donald Raposo

Author: Donald

Posted On: June 7, 2020 @ 10:02 pm