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LED Recessed Downlights for Commercial and Residential Areas
The LED Downlights are also called the recessed downlights that are used in commercial and residential areas. You can purchase these lights at an unbeatable price in the LEDMyplace portal, they are dimmable and come ...
Posted 1 week ago
Renovating Bathroom with LED vanity Mirrors
Renovating Bathroom with LED vanity Mirrors Asking $199.99
Louisville, KY
you are thinking of renovating your bathroom vanity, consider exploring our collection of LED vanity mirrors. The collection features over a dozen LED-lit vanity mirrors featuring different shapes, sizes, wattages, and designs. So, you can ...
Posted 23 hours ago
LED Garage Lights with High Brightness and good Lifespan
Garages are big places, so they also need a lot of lumen output. With old lighting technologies like metal halides and high-pressure sodium lamps, this was not possible. These lights wasted more power in heat ...
Posted 2 weeks ago
UFO LED High Bay Lights with Overhead high Luminosity
The industrial Warehouse areas require overhead high luminosity lights. Install UFO LED High Bay lights, check the LEDMyplace online portal, it is an e-commerce platform that showcases an array of LED collections. The UFO High ...
Posted 2 weeks ago
LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station
LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station Asking $59.99
Louisville, KY
Buy LED canopy lights from at an unbeatable price. The company offers energy-efficient, certified products. They are designed specifically for your gas stations, high canopies, car wash stores, and convenience stores. LED Canopy Lights ...
Posted 1 week ago
LED Parking Lot Lights to Illuminating the Outdoor
Illuminating the outdoor areas of private as well as public facilities with LED Parking Lot Lights offers better visibility while consuming little energy. At LEDMyplace, we provide LED security lights that offer bright lighting while ...
Posted 3 weeks ago
Accentuate your Homes with LED Downlights
Accentuate your homes with LED Downlights, install this light to have an energy-efficient lighting option that is also aesthetically beautiful. You can buy LED Downlights from the LEDMyplace store. The company is an online e-commerce ...
Posted 1 week ago
High CRI LED Canopy Lights for the Gas Station
After traveling a long way on the road, travelers stop at the gas station to rejuvenate and fill up their tank. Invite the weary travelers to your gas station by creating a warm and welcoming ...
Posted 6 days ago
LED Pole Lights for Excellent Local Lighting
Traditional pole light fixtures such as incandescent bulbs fail to provide excellent illumination because their light scatters in all directions. In contrast, the light from LED Pole Lights does not scatter, so they provide excellent ...
Posted 1 day ago
LED Strip Lights to Revamp Your Place
LED Strip Lights to Revamp Your Place Asking $18.00
Louisville, KY
If you feel that a revamping is required for your kitchen or bathroom, that study room, get some LED Strip Lights. Buy 12V LED Strip, 24V LED Strip lights from the LEDMyplace online portal. You ...
Posted 3 weeks ago
LED Work Lights with Protective Steel Cage for Construction Work
If you are a construction contractor, you would know the challenges you face on sites. Get LED Work Lights from the LEDMyplace online that provides certified lighting for residences and corporate with five years warranty. ...
Posted 2 weeks ago
LED Parking Lot Lights Outdoor and Security Lighting
Fight street vandalism with energy-efficient lighting technologies. Check LED Parking Lot Lights in the LEDMyplace online portal. They sell lights that are energy-saving and have certifications from DLC, ETL, UL, and RoHS. The LED Outdoor ...
Posted 2 weeks ago
Install 4 Inch Dimmable LED Downlight for kitchens and Counters
Installing 4-inch Dimmable LED Downlight is a good way of providing task lighting to indoor spaces. One can use LED downlights for illuminating kitchens and counters or desks and tables. Since different sizes of downlights ...
Posted 1 week ago
High Quality LED Work Lights for Construction Sites
When it comes to construction sites, metal halide lighting fixtures are a quaint choice, as they fail to provide adequate amounts of illumination. On the other hand, LED Work Lights are a premium option for ...
Posted 2 days ago
T8 LED Tube Lights to Cut Down Utility Bills
Are you not frustrated with the fluorescent tubes for the burring noise they make? It’s time that you make the shift towards T8 LED tube lights and get rid of the many problems associated with ...
Posted 22 hours ago
Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures to Boost Lighting Projects
A wide variety of Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures awaits to boost your lighting projects. LED lights offer flicker-free illumination which is excellent for outdoor areas like parking lots, backyards, and facades. The lights come ...
Posted 18 hours ago
LED Vanity Mirrors with Inbuilt Defogger
LED Vanity Mirrors with Inbuilt Defogger Asking $199.99
Louisville, KY
A collection of LED Vanity Mirrors awaits you. Visit LEDMyplace and find vanity mirrors that will light up at a touch of your finger. The collection features mirrors with an inbuilt defogger that will get ...
Posted 2 weeks ago
Linkable LED Shop Lights, Ideal for Indoor Spaces
Linkable LED shop lights are ideal for indoor spaces that often need more illumination than the general lighting fixtures can offer. Since these lights are available in different lengths, diameter, and, wattages, you can choose ...
Posted 1 week ago
Linkable LED Shop Lights for Your Lighting Project
Linkable LED shop lights come handy when you need to illuminate an indoor facility with some extra lights. At LEDMyplace, we provide premium-quality lighting fixtures that last for over 5 years. The linkable lights form ...
Posted 3 weeks ago
Energy Efficiency and Durable LED Panel Lights
Wonder how to add class to your office decor? Browse through the LEDMyplace online portal. This e-commerce platform sells efficacious lighting solutions that offer energy-efficiency and durable LED Panel Lights at an unbeatable price. The ...
Posted 1 week ago
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